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Robert Hao aka Chaka Khan was the leader of the Golden Tigers. When Maggia boss Ruffio Costa was arrested,[1] leaving New York City's crime syndicates in disarray, Hao planned to seize complete control of the local rackets. He attacked the Meachum Building, where Ward and Joy Meachum were having a meeting with Daniel Rand and his lawyer, Jeryn Hogarth.[2]

Rand escaped and changed into his costume, returning as Iron Fist. Chaka managed to capture and poison Iron Fist and offered him the antidote if Iron Fist would be able to defeat Chaka's Golden Tigers. Secretly, he replaced himself with his brainwashed brother, Billy, so that he and Iron Fist would eliminate each other. During their battle, Robert struck his double from the shadows, apparently killing him and framing Iron Fist for his death.[3]

He then attacked Iron Fist, Misty Knight, and Colleen Wing at their detective agency's office, but was defeated by Iron Fist. It was then revealed that his brother had not been killed by his blow, but that his survival had been kept a secret by the NYPD in order to drive him into the open. Robert was arrested, ending his days as a crime lord.[4]

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