Bob Harras was an assistant editor at Marvel Comics working under Ralph Macchio (not the actor). During the Assistant Editors' Month, Macchio and the other editors left for the San Diego Comic Cons, leaving the assistant editors in charge; most of them took a chance to relax and have two lunch breaks, but Harras felt overwhelmed waiting for Macchio's call. Ann Nocenti convinced him to take this chance to show his own ideas. Harras then gathered his team and rallied them to explain the changes he had in mind. Dazzler artist Frank Springer was skeptical at the need of making changes; Harras then ordered Springer to stop drawing pin-up girls. Harras then received Macchio's phone call, ordering him to not make any changes, to which he complied.[1]

Harras and other Marvel staff members ended as members of Mojo's brain trust. When the X-Men died fighting the Adversary, Mojo needed a new franchise because his greates success was precisely broacasting X-Men's lives via TV. Mojo asked his brain trust for ideas, but most of them were babbling without real ideas. Harras simply filibustered with pet phrases. Rita Wayword finally suggested a replacement of the X-Men, an idea that Mojo pocketed as his own. The brain trust meeting was adjourned.[2]

Eventually Harras returned to Earth and became editor-in-chief at Marvel Comics. When Ruben Diaz, Joe Bennett and Erik Larsen suggested him to publish a series on the superhero Nova, Harras was skeptic because Nova had previously lost his powers and, should it happen again, Marvel would be unable to write further stories; besides, Harras disliked Nova's "retro" costume and was more interested in Nova's imitator Kid Nova of the New Warriors -secretly Nova himself in a different disguise. Harras then reprimanded his staff for wasting their time in a project that would only last seven issues.[3]

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