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Robert Hellsgaard was a brilliant engineer who lived around 1898. He came home to his village one day to find everyone, including his family, murdered by a pack of werewolves. He later went to prison for attempted murder of said werewolves. While in prison he escaped with the aid of Ulysses Bloodstone and helped him to kill monsters. While helping Bloodstone in a castle the man provided, Hellsgaard built a suit of armor, and a portal to Limbo to serve as a dumping ground for any temporarily dead monsters. But they were attacked by Dracula and Hellsgraard was trapped in limbo. Until in the 1970s a team of japanese scientists went to his old workshop, to find information to help defend Japan from monster attacks. They then opened the portal and Hellsgaard stepped out. Hellsgaard rallied the group and they became the "Hunter of Monster Special Force" who are devoted to the extermination of all monsters.[1]

After exterminating the monsters on Monster Isle, they discover and proceed to attack Monster Metropolis which contained the Legion of Monsters and the newly revived Punisher (who was rebuilt as Franken-Castle) who he would go on to fight.[2]

He was attacked by Frankencastle, who in a long and protracted duel left Hellsgard shorn of his broken armor in limbo.[3]

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None, undead corpse, relies on his armor.


Hellsgaard is a brilliant engineer and possesses vast knowledge of the occult and the supernatural. Before Dracula sent him to limbo, where his body began decaying, Hellsgaard was a magnificent monster hunter and excellent marksman with crossbows and daggers.[1]


Without his armor, Hellsgaard is unable to perform any of his previous physical feats.



Hellsgard's monster-hunter armor is mentally controlled through wires connected to the user's head. It runs on radioactive material and is filled with a preservative fluid. Armaments include flamethrowers fueled by Holy gasoline and sunlight-infused projectile buzz saws made from the iron tomb of an unidentified pharaoh's priest. The right arm is a Gatling gun loaded with bolo chains or silver bullets full of acid. Hydraulics in the left arm can lift 1 ton. The armor originally contained a cooling system.


  • For helping to save Japan from the plague of atomic beasts Hellsgaard was venerated there just as he was in Germany.[1] This seems to be largely accurate.[4]

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