The young mutant called Glob Herman has skin that is completely transparent and made up of bio-paraffin, or "living wax" leaving his skeleton exposed. Though he lives among other mutants, Glob Herman easily stands out. Herman is known to be friends with Kid Omega, one of Professor X's top students.

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The Inhuman Torch

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Glob gets put out

Origin, Xavier's and Omega Gang

Glob Herman enrolled into the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning after Professor X was publicly revealed to be a mutant. Glob Herman has joined the Omega Gang, led by Kid Omega, as they make their own stand for mutant rights. With the Omega Gang, Herman attacked the humans whom they thought had murdered Jumbo Carnation, and later participated in the slaughter of a group of U-Men. When the Omega Gang instigated a riot at the Xavier Institute, Herman had Redneck light him on fire as he ran after a bus, filled with human civilians. Herman's plan was put to a halt by Beast, Cyclops and Xorn, who covered him in cement to put out the flames.[3]

For his crimes, the X-Men sentenced him and the rest of the Omega team to fulfill various humanitarian works and aid those in need after serving a small sentence in human prisons.[4]

From M-Day to the Schism

After M-Day, Herman was the only Omega Gang member other than Quire himself to not lose his X-gene. After finishing his humanitarian work, he returned to the X-Mansion, now located in San Francisco and took part in the move to Utopia with the rest of the X-Men.[citation needed]

Recently, however Glob moved to the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning after Cyclops and Wolverine's spilt, he has made friends with Hellion and more recently Shark-Girl.[citation needed]

Hellfire Academy

During a trip to the Savage Land, Wolverine told to Glob that he was expelled, and he had the time of the exercise to prove himself worthy. Instead of it, Glob preferred join the Hellfire Academy in contacting Karl Lykos. He also tried to convince Quire, without succeeding.[5]

Although being rescued with the non-X-Men students of the Academy (after it was shut down) by Sabretooth and Mystique,[6] Glob was somehow reintegrated to the school in Westchester County.[7][8][9]

Joining the X-Men

Glob graduated to official X-Men status during his efforts to fight off a demonic invasion threatening innocent civilians.[citation needed]


Wax Physiology: Glob Herman's body is made up of a bio-paraffin (living wax). This wax is highly flammable, allowing him to light himself on fire. He can also fling bits of himself.[3]

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability: Glob unique body makes him far more resistant to damage than any common human, he was completely unharmed when a bomb designed to blow up the Xavier Institute blew up on him. [10]
  • Superhuman Speed

Strength level


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