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Early Life[]

Robert Herman's early years were marked by a stark division within his family. Growing up, he found himself caught between the vehement disdain of his father towards mutants and the unwavering support of his mother, who was the backbone of their family. The tension escalated when Robert's own mutant powers manifested, rendering his skin transparent and revealing his skeletal structure beneath, a condition akin to living wax. His father's animosity towards mutants found a new target in Robert, subjected to verbal abuse and physical aggression as an outlet for his father's deep-seated anger. Yet, amidst this turmoil, there was a glimmer of hope. One fateful night, recognizing the danger Robert faced in his own home, his mother made a courageous decision. She secretly spirited him away to Westchester County, following the public revelation of Professor Charles Xavier being a mutant. Under the cover of darkness, Robert found himself at the threshold of a new beginning, his mother's act of defiance against prejudice offering him a chance for sanctuary at the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.[3]

Xavier Institute[]

Following the Professor's public revelation as a mutant, anti-mutant protests erupted at the Institute's gates. Despite the tumult, the school buzzed with vitality, welcoming a wave of new students, including Glob. Initially resentful, he found himself surrounded by mutants he had been taught to despise, but soon discovered a sense of belonging within the community.[4] He attended an assembly held by Emma Frost who highlighted that the curriculum will be changed from the human standard to a more fluid mutant focused system.[5] Following the death of the famous mutant Jumbo Carnation, one of his classmates Quintavius Quire became radicalized. Glob witnessed Quire when he used his powers to reveal Slick true appearance out of petty jealous for dating his crush Tattoo.[6] Glob later encountered Nightcrawler in the hallways of the institute and was lost for words when the X-Man greeted him for the first time.[7] Glob was one of the many students who confronted Sage and Bishop who came to the institute looking for Emma Frost.[8]

Omega Gang[]

Omega Gang (Earth-616) from New X-Men Vol 1 135 0001

The Omega Gang

Quire, now calling himself Omega, decided to change his appearance and create his own uniform, a striped sweater vest. He recruited Radian, Redneck, Tattoo and Glob to join him on his mission dedicated to championing mutant rights through direct action against humanity, calling themselves the Omega Gang.With the Omega Gang, Herman attacked the humans whom they thought had murdered Jumbo Carnation. With the Omega Gang, Glob joined in their assault against those they believed responsible for Jumbo Carnation's death. In a symbolic act of solidarity, they adorned themselves with matching omega symbol tattoos and proclaimed themselves the new X-Men.[9] They later participated in the massacre of a group of U-Men escalating to the next stage of their plan. Upon their return to the Institute, Glob and the gang launched a violent attack on Xavier, assaulting him with a bat in his office before seizing him as a hostage. Their intention was to rally their classmates to unite against humanity under their leadership.[10][11]

Glob Herman (Earth-616) from New X-Men Vol 1 137 0001

The Inhuman Torch

Amidst the chaos of the riot, Glob Herman, driven by a surge of anger and defiance, orchestrated a shocking act. Enlisting Redneck's assistance, he ignited himself, transforming into a blazing figure, and pursued a bus filled with innocent human civilians. However, his reckless plan was swiftly intercepted by Beast, Cyclops, and Xorn, who intervened to extinguish the flames by encasing him in cement.
Robert Herman (Earth-616) from New X-Men Vol 1 138 0001

Glob gets put out

This bold action marked a pivotal moment as the X-Men decisively confronted the young mutant radicals, halting their dangerous course of action in its tracks.[12] For his crimes, the X-Men sentenced him and the rest of the Omega team to fulfil various humanitarian works and aid those in need after serving a small sentence in human prisons.[13]

Prop X[]

Glob became involved in a protest when Simon Trask took his march to San Francisco with his Humanity Now! When the marchers arrived on Market St., they come face to face with a pro-mutant crowd fronted by Beast. Heated words turn to blows when Hellion and Pixie lead a group of mutants including Glob to surround the demonstrators. The situation quickly spirals out of control as riot police are called in.[14][15]


Following the devastating events of M-Day, Glob Herman stood out as one of the few Omega Gang members, aside from Quire, who retained his X-gene. Engaging in humanitarian efforts in the aftermath, he returned to the institute, before joining the rest of the X-Men in their relocation to Utopia. This significant transition marked a new chapter for Glob and his fellow mutants as they sought refuge and unity in their new base of operations. Glob rallied alongside his comrades when their group came under assault by the Sentinels.[16]

Following the fracture caused by Cyclops and Wolverine's Schism, Glob sought a new home at the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning. Amidst the shifting dynamics, he forged strong bonds with fellow mutants such as Hellion and more recently Shark-Girl. This transition marked a significant chapter in Glob's journey as he navigated the complexities of mutant politics and alliances in the wake of the division among the X-Men.[17]

Jean Grey School For Higher Learning[]

Glob Herman and Hellion confronted Broodling, one of the new alien students, expressing annoyance at the school's intended exclusivity for mutants.[18] Under the guidance of Kitty Pryde, Glob continued his education, attending classes such as one led by guest lecturer Deathlok.[19] Additionally, Beast facilitated a unique educational experience by shrinking Glob and his classmates with Pym Particles, allowing them to explore the inner workings of Toad the Janitor's body, witnessing the complexities of the X-Gene and battling antibodies within.[20] During a PE session supervised by Rogue, Glob engaged in a spirited game of touch football. Later, under Beast's instruction, Glob delved into the lore of the N'Garai demons while witnessing a dramatic battle between his teachers and the demonic entities outside the institute.[21] In a Zero Gravity lesson within the Danger Room, Glob and his classmates experienced an exhilarating training session. However, their routine was disrupted when the institute came under attack by Exodus, prompting their evacuation to safety.[22] After their defeat, Glob and his classmates returned to their usual routine, attending classes.[23] In one such instance, Glob found himself in a Sex Education class led by Chamber. However, their lesson was abruptly interrupted by an attack by Omega.[24] Glob would often be seen enjoying the grounds of the institute.[25] Glob found himself in telepathic detention as a consequence of his misbehavior. Under the watchful eye of Rachel Summers, he faced reprimands for entertaining inappropriate thoughts involving Spider-Woman and Katy Perry.[26] When the Utopia mutants arrived to meet with Wolverine, Glob and his fellow students were instructed to return indoors.[27] Subsequently, they were awestruck as the Gladiator, ruler of the Shi'ar Empire, made a visit to the institute in search of his son.[28]

He picked a fight with the Avengers when they came to occupy the institute during the Phoenix Force incident. Glob relied on his old trick of having Match light him on fire before charging the non-mutant heroes. She-Hulk's aggressive response striking down the teenaged Glob provoked Rogue into entering the fray shouting at her as they was only students.[29] Glob later attended the wedding of Kyle Jinadu and Northstar.[30]

Hellfire Academy[]

Glob's actions threatened to strain his relationship with Quentin as his activities risked being fully exposed.[31] As his behavior grew increasingly defiant and lackluster, the school administration made the difficult decision to expel him. Given one last chance to redeem himself, Glob reluctantly joined a final field trip to the Savage Land led by Wolverine, with the ultimatum of earning his way back into the school within 24 hours. However, instead of standing by his classmates, Glob opted for self-preservation, abandoning them to their fate. In a twist of fate, he was rescued by Sauron and subsequently enrolled in the inaugural class of the Hellfire Academy.[32]

Nestled within an archipelago crafted by Krakoa, the Hellfire Academy was conceived as a school for the next generation of mutant supervillains. Among its recruits was Glob, underwent tutelage in villainy under the watchful eye of headmistress Mystique and a cadre of nefarious mentors. Even former Jean Grey School students like Oya and Broo had defected to the Academy, with Quentin Quire trailing behind them. Yet, Glob soon discovered that his discontent with the X-Men had merely transplanted to the Hellions, where the consequences for transgressions were markedly more severe. When tasked with eliminating the rebellious Quire, Glob grappled with conflicting emotions, haunted by the grim prospect of disobedience. In a moment of silent remorse, he conveyed his regrets telepathically to Quentin as he reluctantly prepared to carry out the fatal deed. Thankfully, fate intervened in the form of a timely assault by the X-Men, thwarting the Academy's machinations and neutralizing the Hellfire Club. In the ensuing chaos, Glob and his fellow Hellions evaded capture by the X-Men's dragnet, aided in their escape by Sabretooth and Mystique.[33]

Return to School[]

Glob was invited back to join the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning as a student.[34] While there he asked Transonic about her costume realising she had no clothes on. She attacked him while Logan was trying to make a video call.[35] Glob played in a basketball game with Gambit who had been invited to join the school as a teacher.[36] He later helped the refugees at the institute who were displaced by anti-mutant forces from across the Multiverse.[37] He was at the institute when the Dark Beast sent a creature to attack them.[38] Glob and the other students witnessed Storm on tv using her powers to help the world.[39] Glob persisted in his rebellious streak, defacing the walls with graffiti, confident that he couldn't be expelled[40] During a class taught by Ink , the students opted to engage in a brawl while he took a phone call.[41] Midway through lunch, an announcement transformed the cafeteria into an impromptu Danger Room session, culminating in a chaotic battle that left Glob flattened on the roof.[42] Invited by Kid, Glob, Kid Gladiator, Oya, and Broo attended a Hellfire party, only to be interrupted by Storm, who insisted on their return to the institute.[43]

Spider-Man's Tutelage[]

In his final moments, Wolverine made a startling revelation: one of the students was secretly collaborating with an off-site villain. Anticipating his imminent demise, Logan entrusted Spider-Man with the task of investigating this looming threat. To facilitate the probe, Spider-Man assumed the role of guidance instructor for a special class comprising troubled students earmarked by Wolverine as potential suspects. Among them were Glob, Hellion, Rockslide, Eye-Boy, Shark Girl, Ernst, and No-Girl. Though once defiant and troubled, Glob Herman had begun to shed his rebellious streak. However, deep-seated self-image and body insecurities continued to plague his confidence. As Spider-Man guided the students through a series of adventures, he instilled in them a profound sense of responsibility and fostered teamwork among the group. Through their shared experiences, Glob and his classmates embarked on a transformative journey under the web-slinger's mentorship.[44]

Joining the X-Men[]

Over time, the mutant population faced another dire crisis with the revelation that the Terrigen Mists posed a grave threat to mutantkind, proving toxic and potentially lethal. As two clouds of Terrigen loomed over the planet, Cyclops sacrificed himself to destroy one cloud, nearly inciting a war with the Inhumans in the process. Seeking refuge and protection, Storm and Magik relocated the Jean Grey School to Limbo, establishing X-Haven—a sanctuary away from the deadly mists where mutants could find safety. Amidst the chaos and dispersion of the X-Men, Glob Herman emerged as one of the senior students at X-Haven, actively supporting the efforts of the adult X-Men. Alongside Anole, Ernst, and No-Girl, he assisted in safeguarding mutantkind. When the defenses of X-Haven against the natural demon hordes of Limbo faltered, Glob and his companions rose to the occasion, earning themselves a promotion to full-fledged X-Men status.[45] Colossus took a proactive role in mentoring the young X-Men, dedicating himself to training them rigorously in the Danger Room to prepare them for upcoming missions. While Glob appreciated the recognition and guidance, his true desire lay in capturing the attention of the time-displaced teenage Jean Grey, who was collaborating with Storm's senior team. Encouraged by his friend Anole, Glob harbored feelings for Jean, although his affections were met with scrutiny from Old Man Logan. Despite the judgment, Glob remained hopeful, eagerly awaiting the right moment to confess his feelings to Jean.[46]

Glob and his team of X-Men were thrust into their inaugural mission when Cerebra detected an abrupt influx of hundreds of new mutant signatures in Tokyo. Colossus led the student team to investigate, uncovering the sinister machinations of the deranged geneticist known as Sugar Man. Sugar Man had defied the sterilizing effects of the Terrigen Mists on mutantkind by engineering new mutant embryos. His plan involved launching an "ark" orb containing these embryos into the future, hoping to evade the ongoing threat of M-Pox. However, Glob and his companions became inadvertently entangled in the orb's time-traveling effects. Transported to the desolate 32nd century, they found Earth ravaged by the Apocalypse Wars, reduced to a series of linked space habitats known as Omega World. In this grim reality, mutants were conspicuously absent from the survivors deemed worthy by Apocalypse. Confronted by the Horsemen in one of these habitats, Colossus selflessly remained behind to safeguard their escape with the ark. For months, Glob and the team struggled to survive amidst the dangers of Omega World, searching desperately for sanctuary. When Storm and the alpha team eventually caught up with them, they realized that mere minutes had passed in the present while Glob and his students had endured a harrowing year on Omega World. Colossus's sacrifice had tragically transformed him into the Horseman of War. United, the X-Men launched a daring assault on Apocalypse, but their efforts proved futile against their once-friend turned adversary. Apocalypse seized control of the ark, shattering Glob's year-long struggle. Ultimately, with no alternative, the X-Men reluctantly abandoned Omega World, returning to the present with Apocalypse and Colossus as captives, clinging to the hope of reversing Colossus's transformation.[47]

After Colossus's escape from X-Haven, the X-Men found themselves in a relentless pursuit to bring him back. Glob Herman and his team seized the opportunity to prove their worth by confronting their former mentor turned fugitive. As they faced escalating threats, including the formidable World-Eater that menaced Limbo, and the urgent resolution of the M-Pox crisis through conflict with the Inhumans, Glob and his comrades found themselves pushed to their limits. Despite growing confidence in their abilities, Glob struggled with personal matters, particularly his unspoken feelings for Jean Grey. Encouraged by Anole, he attempted several times to express his affections and ask her out, only to be thwarted by the demands of the X-Men's perilous lifestyle. Regrettably, before Glob could muster the courage to make his move, Jean returned to her original team, leaving his feelings unspoken and unresolved.[48] Glob subsequently joined the ranks of mutants in their conflict against the Inhumans, lending his assistance to the team during the intense battles that ensued.[49]

Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach[]

Following the resolution of the M-Pox crisis, the X-Mansion returned to Earth and underwent a transformation, remerging as the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach nestled within Central Park. In the aftermath of their harrowing ordeal residing in Limbo, the X-Men shifted their focus back to their educational mission, reinstating a scholastic atmosphere and redefining the roles of their younger members as students once more. For Glob, this transition brought heightened self-consciousness regarding his appearance, particularly after discontinuing the use of his contacts. This led to the rather comical sight of him sporting corrective glasses atop his waxy exterior, a whimsical image that only added to his quirky charm.[50] Nevertheless, Glob's romantic prospects appeared undiminished. There were sightings of him hand in hand with the recently enrolled student Sprite, sparking rumors that the two had quietly entered into a relationship. Surprisingly, she appeared to harbor a fondness for Glob's glasses, further fueling speculation about their budding romance.[51][52]


Unfortunately, Glob Herman's romantic endeavor hit a snag when his relationship with Sasha, whom he met on the dating site Mutant Mingle, came to an abrupt and distressing end. Despite Sasha's conventional attractiveness, Glob found himself doubting his own worth when she proposed a face-to-face meeting. However, with encouragement from friends like Rockslide and Anole, he mustered the confidence to pursue the date. Arriving at Sasha's home with a rose in hand, Glob's hopes were dashed when he discovered that she had been taken hostage by the anti-mutant extremists known as the Purifiers. Threatened with Sasha's life, Glob was coerced into wearing a suicide bomber's vest and ordered to destroy the institute. Consumed by fear for Sasha's safety, Glob complied with the Purifiers' demands and returned to the institute wearing the explosives. Yet, when faced with the prospect of harming innocents, he found himself unable to carry out the horrific act. Instead, he detonated the bomb harmlessly in the empty lobby. Upon being discovered by Old Man Logan and his friends, Glob recounted his harrowing ordeal just as the Purifiers launched a direct assault on the mansion. Despite their efforts to defend it, Glob's world crumbled when he realized that Sasha had deceived him, using an image inducer to manipulate him and expressing her disdain for mutants. Though victorious against the Purifiers, Glob's heartache was palpable. In the aftermath, Logan offered him solace and guidance, urging him to seek love and acceptance among his friends until he found genuine affection elsewhere.[53] In his pursuit of Bullseye, Old Man Logan reached out to Glob for assistance. Although he managed to locate Bullseye, it was too late; the villain had already abducted several individuals.[54] Glob participated in a lesson at the institute conducted by guest lecturer Havok.[55] Later Glob joined a Danger Room Session led by Ice Man, during which Ice Giants were unleashed against the students.[56]

Friendship with Mojo[]

Glob unexpectedly crossed paths with the Mojo the ruler of the Mojoverse at a coffee shop in New York, leading to an unlikely encounter. As they interacted, Glob struck up an unexpected friendship with the Spineless One, who enlightened Mojo about the intricacies of human women. With his newfound understanding, Mojo ventured out on a date with a regular human woman, guided by Glob's insights.[57]


Glob and the X-Men find themselves embroiled in a time-traveling conflict against Ahab and his relentless Hounds. Ahab targeted Old Man Logan, intending to recruit him into his Hounds. With the assistance of Cable, the X-Men engage in a fierce battle against Ahab and his horde, but not without Ahab gaining control over Glob and his fellow mutants. Despite the odds, Cable manages to free the captured mutants and thwart Ahab's plans, although Ahab ultimately escapes into the depths of time.[58][59]

Dead Man Logan[]

Old Man Login after his fight with the Maestro, was found by Forge, Jubilee, Cecilia Reyes, and Glob who took him back to the X-Mansion alongside the body and head of the Maestro.[60] Glob later accompanied Old Man Logan with Forge to the time machine to return him to his future.[61]

X-Men Disassembled[]

Glob embarked on a training regimen as part of an active reserve team of X-Men students led by Armor. Despite their involvement in various mutant conflicts over the years, the student team remained viewed as children by the adult X-Men leadership, including the resurrected Jean Grey. A crisis unfolded with a clash between two Omega-class mutants, X-Man and Legion. Seeking aid, Legion approached the X-Men, but his erratic behavior proved challenging to decipher. Consequently, Jean assigned Armor and Glob's team to guard duty at the mansion while the adult X-Men pursued X-Man and his Horsemen of Salvation. Feeling sidelined, Hisako rallied Glob, Rockslide, and Pixie to support Legion instead of confining him. They joined forces with the X-Men on Quadra Island, where Legion transported them into a recreation of the Age of Apocalypse. During their months-long ordeal in this harsh environment, Glob experienced a surge in power, growing in size and strength while maintaining his intimidating wax exterior. Tensions arose among the students as they debated whether to return home or remain to neutralize X-Man. Glob and Hisako attempted to protect X-Man while seeking a means of escape, focusing on acquiring the M'kraan Crystal shard. Their efforts were abruptly halted when Bishop of the X-Men revealed that their perceived months-long journey had merely spanned five minutes in reality. They realized they had been ensnared in a constructed landscape within Legion's mind. Returning to reality, Glob witnessed his newfound strength vanish, leaving him disheartened. Despite this setback, Herman's team continued their quest to prove their worth to the X-Men. Armor contained the Horsemen while Glob and Rockslide engaged them in combat. However, their efforts proved futile against Nate Grey, who utilized the Life Seed's power to create a pocket reality, ensnaring the X-Men within it.[62]

Age of X-Man[]

Glob and the mutants that vanished were sent to a different reality created by Nate Grey and a Life Seed, a world where everyone on Earth was a mutant and relationships were strongly discouraged or illegal. Glob was a student at the Summers Institute for Higher Learning in Westchester County. Like its mainstream reality counterpart, Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, the Summers Institute taught mutant children how to control their mutant abilities.[63][64]

Glob Herman was one of the students who were part of the Summers Institute's Agricultural Division at the Summers Institute for Higher Learning.[64] He was working on a chicken coop while he overheard Dean Angel welcoming a new student named Luna.[63]

Glob spent a lot of time with three chickens which he had named Hope, Logan and Scott. While feeding them he was harassed by the twins, Manon and Maxime, who claimed that he had no real friends but the chickens. As they kept on pestering him, Armor interrupted them by saying if they didn't cut it out she would report them to Dean Angel.

Armor and Glob then went to the cafeteria where Shark-Girl brought up in front of the other students that Glob was writing a fan fiction based on a mission of the X-Men and all of them were involved in this battle where Anole got hurt and Rockslide got beat up by a four-armed villain known as Forearm. Pixie then grabbed Glob's notebook in order to read it, but she was stopped by Hisako. They all decided to meet up later to study.

Glob was present during his agricultural class taught by Ms. Guthrie who was showing the students why it was so important to take care of the produce and the livestock for the community. Later that night Glob and his friends showed up to the Hope Summers Memorial Library in order to study, but there was some playful bickering among the group until Rockslide noticed a fire ablaze further downtown. Armor and Pixie decided to help out saying that Civil Management was what they trained for.

They all went to the burning house and Glob noticed that flickers from the fire started to burn the paraffin on his hand. Shortly after the entire X-Men team arrived to contain the situation. Glob disappeared from the group by going home. He received a knock on his door. As he went to open it, Hisako abruptly came in to talk to Glob. Glob while closing the door, told Hisako that if anyone would see them together, they would be in trouble, but before Glob could finish, Hisako cut him off by telling him she really needed to talk.

Hisako told Glob that she saw members of Department X at the fire and they were arresting students. Bling! was there and Hisako overheard Clerk Blob talk about how they were going to mindwipe Roxy and how he pushed the students out of the way so they wouldn't overhear what he was talking about. She also saw Anole there and she felt like telling someone, but Anole seemed very scared, so Hisako decided against it.

As she finished her story, Glob said that he could not allow this to happen again. As she mentioned that Anole said the same thing, Glob reached for a candle as he told her that there could be no more lies and that she deserved to know the truth. When she asked what he was talking about, Glob apologized, and with his hand then embroiled in flames, he reached for her explaining that it was the only way that he could show her the truth.[64]

After Nate Grey transformed all of the mutants back into their mainstream counterparts, Glob was shown standing in front of a portal in the Danger Room Prison Complex with Anole and Armor ready to return to the real world.[65]

House of X[]

Glob later became a citizen of the new mutant nation of Krakoa. He was among the many mutants celebrating the recognition of Krakoa as a nation.[66]

New Mutants[]

Glob joined the New Mutants team when he aided Armor to pay a visit to Beak and Angel Salvadore at their home in Pilger, Nebraska, to get them to move to Krakoa. While there they were ambushed by a cartel that found them through an anti-mutant website called DOX that reports appearances of mutants and publishes information on them. They were locked up in the basement and when they attempted to escape Beak was shot. Then Boom Boom arrived to help fight the rest of the members of the cartel.[67]


Glob joined his fellow mutants and lived on the island known as Krakoa. However, at some point, he was kidnapped by Maximilian Frankenstein who turned his powers into a gun.[68]

From the Ashes[]

In the wake of the Fall of X, the end of the Krakoan age, and the X-Men's victory in their war against the terrorist group Orchis, Glob would relocate to Merle, Alaska, where he would grow crops to support Scott Summers' new X-Men team.[69]


Power Grid[73]
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Wax Physiology: Glob Herman's body is made up of a bio-paraffin (living wax). This wax is highly flammable, allowing him to light himself on fire. He can also fling bits of himself.[70]

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Durability: Glob unique body makes him far more resistant to damage than any common human, he was physically unharmed when a bomb designed to blow up the Xavier Institute blew up on him.[71]
  • Superhuman Speed


  • During the Krakoan era, Glob Herman was meant to be killed on Otherworld and to be resurrected "wrong" by the Five, a role which eventually fell to Rockslide. Glob was only saved by a personal plea by Ed Brisson.[72]

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