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Robert Hunter (Earth-8096) from Wolverine and the X-Men (animated series) Season 1 8 002

Nitro in MRD custody

Nitro was first seen as a mutant surrendered to the MRD. When Toad was caught by the MRD also, the Brotherhood decided to leave him there, until he told them of Nitro. The Brotherhood then got Psylocke to help him onto their side with her power and attempt to help him control his powers while they got him to Genosha. The X-Men then defeated him and the Brotherhood in a successful attempt to make sure Nitro never got to Genosha after hearing from a future Charles Xavier that if Nitro got there, half of the world's mutants were going to be killed. They then gave Nitro back to the MRD where he and the rest of mankind would be saved from his uncontrollable powers.[1]



Seemingly those of Nitro of Earth-616.


Nitro has little control over his powers.


Nitro of Earth-8096 is a mutant instead of a human mutate, like most of his alternate reality counterparts.

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