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Robert Kelly ran for president on an anti-mutant campaign. Kelly came to befriend the X-Men and support mutants shortly after his election as President of the United States after the X-Men had rescued him from both an assassination attempt by Mystique (who was posing as Gambit to make it look like the X-Men did it) and an attempted brainwashing by Master Mold. When Kelly took office as president, he spoke out in support of mutants, and made his first presidential act an official pardoning of Beast, who had been unfairly arrested. These actions led Kelly's former, anti-mutant supporters to feel betrayed by him and create the public anti-mutant backlash. President Kelly remained friendly with the X-Men, working with them to confront global mutant threats such as Magneto's building an armed, inhabitable, mutants-only asteroid.[citation needed]

On Latverion, Kelly was a Senator again, but God Emperor Doom had appointed him to the position of Baron of Westchester where he survived an assassination attempt by The Shadow King. Despite remaining publicly favorable to the X-Men, Baron Kelly was also secretly one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse.[1]



Seemingly those of the Robert Kelly of Earth-616.


  • Voiced by Len Carlson.

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