Robert LeBeau's history shares some similarities to the Earth-92131 Robert LeBeau. On both worlds, Bobby is Gambit's brother, and considered "The Chosen One" of the Guild of Thieves, who were at war with another sect called the Assassins Guild. Bobby was kidnapped by Gambit's ex-fiance Bella Donna, leader of the Assassins Guild, who planned to destroy the Thieves Guild. However, Gambit and the X-Men stopped Bella Donna.[1]

However, history diverged from Earth-92131 as Bobby was easily swayed by Bella Donna again in spite of her prior betrayal, and they got engaged. Gambit tried to intervene and warn his younger brother, but by the time Bobby realized the truth, he was killed by an assassin and Gambit was framed. Gambit tracked down and interrogated Bobby's assassin, discovering that Bella Donna's plan was to acquire the Thieves' Immortality Elixir vials. Afterwards, Gambit confronted Bella Donna and destroyed the vials to prevent any more killing.[2]

  • Robert LeBeau's tombstone reads "1978 to 1996", indicating that Earth-TRN566's Gambit may have been born in the late 1960's or early/mid 1970's. In addition it means that the events of Adventures of the X-Men Vol 1 and Adventures of Spider-Man Vol 1 take place in their publication year before its destruction and reboot[3].

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