Robert "Bobby" Reid was born in the town of Burns, Alaska and attended college in Anchorage before eventually returning home to join the local Police Department as a peace officer.[1] In the past, Bobby had a history of substance abuse, which was used by Sheriff Ridge to exercise power over Bobby, who was determined to keep his new job.[2]

Bobby had only spend two months on the job when a brutal massacre of nine fishermen had taken place on a fishing boat owned by the powerful Langrock family. Two FBI agents named Marshall and Pierce arrived to Burns to investigate the incident, which had taken placed in federal waters and was thus above the local jurisdiction. Sheriff Ridge instantly showed his distrust of the newcomers and assigned Bobdy to accompany them,[1] with the orders to report back on their activities. Bobby instantly took a liking to the two highly professional agents and offered them his help on several occasions. His naivete allowed him to easily be tagged, so that the agents could track and listen to his conversations with the Sheriff instead.[3]

Eventually it became clear that the Sheriff was using his power to cover up the major drug smuggling operation run by the Langrocks, with their official business being merely a front. Deciding to present the evidence to the feds whom he grew to admire, Bobby approached the Sheriff and expressed his desire to be involved, and Ridge posted him as security in the drug processing center at the Yukon Trailer Park. However, before Bobby could act on his information, the Park was attacked by a man named Logan, whom Bobby only narrowly convinced to keep him alive.[4] He was then put into the Kenai Providence Hospital, where he told his story to the agents, who have figured it independently on their own.[5]

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