In this reality, Sentry killed Ares before the Siege of Asgard began, thus not weakening him in the middle of the battle by using the immense power required to kill a god. Sentry defeats and kills all of the heroes who oppose them and Norman Osborn's forces win the Siege of Asgard. Emma Frost, Doctor Doom and Loki survive however and conspire to stop Osborn by revealing all the lies he has told Reynolds. They bring Bullseye who killed Reynolds wife on Osborn's orders before him and Emma Frost shows him the truth. The revelation that the only man he trusted had betrayed him however pushed Sentry over the edge of insanity causing him to cede all control to the Void who killed all of them before killing Osborn and the rest of the Earth. He then proceeds to spread to the rest of the Universe.


Seemingly those of Robert Reynolds (Earth-616)#Powers

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