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Not much is known about the Sentry's life before the zombie plague arrived on Earth-91126, though it can be assumed that most likely followed a similar path to his Earth-616 counterpart.

The Sentry was contacted by the Illuminati to fight the Hulk, however he became bitten and infected with the zombie contagion when he attempted to help the Hulk after he transformed back into Bruce and the Sentry transformed back into Robert. When Robert offered to help Bruce, Bruce bit his hand, infecting Robert and causing him to transform into the Sentry.

At some point in the outbreak, the Sentry attempted to kill the Hulk after he transformed back into Bruce Banner, as to have more food for himself, which would later cause the Hulk to turn against him and join Spider-Man's New Avengers.

Once all of the life on his Earth had been devoured, Hank Pym of Earth-2149, (who had been transported to Earth-Z by the living members of his reality), attempted to use The Sentry as a battery to power an inter-dimensional portal to richer feeding grounds. Once Pym was destroyed, Uatu of Earth-Z sent The Sentry to an earlier point in Earth-2149's history, thereby encasing the zombie virus in an infinite loop of only two realities.[1]

Robert Reynolds (Earth-91126), Ashley J. Williams (Earth-818793), and Peter Parker (Earth-2149) from Marvel Zombies Vs

Punching Ashley J. Williams to Earth-2149

However, Sentry somehow found himself at the gates of heaven. Surrounded by others making their way to heaven, he decided to have a snack, and began to consume the ascended populace. Suddenly though, he was faced by Ashley J. Williams armed with a chainsaw, and a double-barreled shotgun, who discharged the gun in Sentry’s face.

Being an extremely powerful being, this had little effect, and so in his anger he punched Ash so hard that he ripped the fabric of reality, and his assailant fell through. Whether Sentry too was pulled through the rip, or whether he saw the Earth below, and followed Ash through is unclear. But he crashed through purple lightning to earth in New York, where he commenced his main course.

Alerted, the Avengers arrived on the scene to see what could be done. They were, unfortunately, no match for this zombified Sentry, and became infected. Because of this, Colonel America, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, Luke Cage, and Hawkeye, became the first meta-humans on Earth-2149 to fall prey to the contagion.[2]

Together, they all set about decimating the city and consuming civilians. He was last seen during his transfer to the past of Earth-2149 by Uatu of his reality to contain zombie infection. What happened to him after his initial contact with this universe is unknown.



Seemingly those of the Robert Reynolds of Earth-616.

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