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Bob Russo

Bob Russo was a star professional baseball player (3rd Baseman).

Upon Steve Rogers leaving the role of Captain America[1], Russo tells the media he is retiring from baseball and assuming the role. In his first attempt at foiling a robbery, he misjudges his rooftop swing, and careens into a brick wall, injuring his arm. He cites his lack of practice and the way the former Captain America appeared to make his feats appear so easy as factoring into his failure. Russo apparently abandons his attempt to replace Steve Rogers after this debut.




Grappling hook and line (for swinging from rooftops)


Replica of original circular shield

Only appearance to date in Captain America #178.

Some readers might see a parallel between then superstar 3rd base, professional baseball icon at the time, Steve "Mr. Clean" Garvey and Bob Russo. Sid Borman of The Kansas City Star, described Garvey as "matches (matching) the image of the All-America boy."

Unlike Roscoe the Mechanic or Sam Wilson, Russo was neither given the role of Captain America by a previous established Cap (as Rogers did to these two as his successors) nor approved by the US government in the role of Captain America. Thus Russo is not considered a true Captain America.

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