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In January of 1898, explorer Robert Walton IV mounted an expedition to the North Pole. Walton was the great grandson of the explorer who first encountered Victor Frankenstein in 1798. His crew and he came upon the frozen remains of the Frankenstein Monster. Walton recognized the creature from stories passed down to him, and ordered it brought on board. While the workers continue to carve the monster out of the ice, Walton retires to his ready room where he entertains a young ship hand by telling him the story of Frankenstein. Before Walton can finish telling his tale several superstitious crew members too umbrage with Walton’s command and formed a mutiny. During the conflict, a fire broke out in one of the ship's lower cabins, and the intense heat thawed out the Frankenstein Monster.[1]

Revived, the creature lashed out and took a young cabin boy named Sean Farrell as hostage. To make matters even worse, Walton's ship struck an iceberg, killing several crewmen.[2] The ship sunk and the monster attacked the lifeboat, sparing only Walton, Canute, and Sean so they can row to a safe shore together. Taking refuge in the wreckage of another ship, the monster bids Walton to finish his story. As the story session ends, the ghost ship the party is resting in suddenly collapses on top of them.[3]

Robert Walton's ship is trapped within an ice flow. Both Sean and he are gravely injured, and Canute, the Eskimo travel guide is dead. The Frankenstein Monster tries to drag Sean and Walton to safety. After telling his tale, the creature notices that Sean has died in his sleep. Robert Walton is not long for this world either. With his dying breath, he begs the monster to find peace and assuage his violent temper. He tells the monster that the last descendant of Victor Frankenstein is still alive. After Walton dies, the Frankenstein Monster frees his ship from the ice flow and begins sailing south.[4]



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