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Roberta was the robot receptionist for the Fantastic Four in the Baxter Building.

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When the Trapster tried to break into the Baxter Building in the Fantastic Four's absence, Roberta subdued him easily, much to his embarrassment.

When Mister Fantastic left the Four Freedoms Plaza with a duplicate of Susan Richards, he told Roberta to tell that to all her friends in the marines, so she would suspect that whatever was being said was untrue.[1]

So, she immediately undertook a sensor search of the building, discovered Franklin Richards asleep and eventually located the Fantastic Four, who were being held as hostages.[2]

A deadly robot called Elektro was found by Reed Richards. Richards decided to shrink the robot down to a normal size, and, after some upgrades and rewiring, put the robot to use in the Baxter Building. Elektro was subsequently trained by Willie Lumpkin to serve as a mailman in the Baxter Building itself and was employed by the Fantastic Four. Elektro developed a crush on Roberta and the two have since begun dating.[3][4]


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As Roberta has no legs, she cannot move from her reception desk.

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