Senior Revuelta was previously a member of a voodoo tribe that operated on an unidentified Caribbean island. When the modern world came to his island, he set up a hotel for visitors from abroad who wished to develop the land. By 1941, most of these visitors were defense contractors seeking to build key defensive bases as America prepared to enter World War II. Not liking this, Revuelta developed a complicated scheme to drive foreigners away from his island. Using his former tribe's method of extracting Yellow Fever from Yellow Jacket Mosquitoes, he coated the disease on the pointed tip of his cane. When a visiting contractor stayed at his hotel, he had his hotel dancer Diosa do her "devil dance" for them. While the guests were distracted, he poked them with his cane, and three days later, they died from the Yellow Fever.

The use of Diosa was a deflection, as the superstitions of the locals led them to believe that Diosa was a voodoo witch keeping any from suspecting that he was the real person responsible. This plot was foiled thanks to the intervention of boy detective Terry Vance who caught Revuelta red-handed as he attempted to poison Terry's friend Deadline Dawson. Revuelta was then turned over to the authorities.[2] His fate is unknown.


Revuleta had a cane that had a needle point hidden on at the end, which he coated with a lethal strain of yellow fever extracted from yellow jacket mosquitoes. It would usually kill its victims within the course of a few days.

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