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Quote1 Everyone keeps telling me that I'm the worst Ghost Rider that's ever lived. Like that's supposed to be some kinda insult. But what the hell have the Ghost Riders ever done? Except bring misery to themselves and everyone they love. Except die alone or go bat-$%#@ crazy. Well, That's not me, Uncle Eli. That's not how I'm going out. To hell with being a Spirit of Vengeance. I'm an Avenger. And I'll be damned if I'm losing this race. Quote2
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Roberto Reyes (Earth-616) from All-New Ghost Rider Vol 1 1 0001

Robbie's true appearance

Robbie Reyes was a young mechanic working in East Los Angeles, California. The neighborhood he lived in, Hillrock Heights, was plagued with gangs and corruption, making life difficult for him and his brother, Gabe, who looked up to him as a hero.

Eager to move to a safer neighborhood, Robbie entered a street race to earn fifty thousand dollars. Unbeknownst to him, the car he used was inhabited by a ghost. As he was taking the lead; however, he was followed by whom he assumed to be the police. Worried about what would happen to Gabe without him, Robbie tried to escape, but inadvertently drove into a dead end. He left his car and attempted to explain himself to his pursuers, only for them to violently open fire upon him, killing him. They attempted to burn the car and Robbie's body; however, as they left, the ghost possessed Robbie, transforming him into a new Ghost Rider.[5] The Ghost Rider gave chase and managed to take out a handful of Robbie's attackers, though some of them got away.

Robbie Reyes (Earth-616) from All-New Ghost Rider Vol 1 1 001

Robbie's first transformation into the Ghost Rider

Robbie awoke the next morning, believing the events had simply been a nightmare; however, he soon found that one of his eyes was now orange. Concerned, he returned to the workshop where the car had been, Canelo's Auto and Body. While attempting to take it out for another drive, he was confronted by two thugs, who worked for the owner of the car. Robbie became the Ghost Rider again and attacked them, before driving to a junkyard and reverting. The Ghost Rider appeared as Robbie's reflection, and Robbie asked the Rider what it is, to which it responded; "The real question is... what are we?".[6] The demon revealed itself to be a spirit named Eli, and offered Robbie a chance to seek vengeance towards those who have done wrong. After some brief thought, Robbie accepted.

Robbie later returned to the garage where he worked, to find his boss murdered and the car stolen. Eli claimed to know who had done this, and Robbie transformed into the Ghost Rider. The Rider teleported to the car and merged with it, attacking the drug cartel who had stolen it. He prepared to finish them off, when their leader suddenly took some mysterious pills and mutated into a massive, hulking creature.[7] Robbie won the battle after a brutal fight,[8] though was soon confronted by Mr. Hyde. He managed to defeat Hyde as well,[9] and quickly became a protector in the eyes of local residents. Unwilling to become a vigilante, Robbie began using his powers to make money off of street races, which allowed him to work less and spend more time with Gabe, much to Eli's dismay.[1]

All-New Ghost Rider Vol 1 8 Textless

Fighting Johnny Blaze

This new-found fame caught the attention of the original Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, who traveled to Los Angeles to confront the new Rider, intercepting Robbie just after Eli's influence caused him to accidentally kill a street racer.[10] Eli soon completely assumed control of the new Rider, escaped, and gradually took over Robbie's body in his human form to seek out revenge on a Russian mob boss named Yegor Ivanov. Eli was revealed not to be a Spirit of Vengeance, but rather a Satanic serial killer who murdered and dismembered at least 37 people in rituals before he was fatally shot by the police in 1999, and who lived in the house that the Reyes brothers took to living in.[11] After Johnny subdued Eli with a Penance Stare, he briefly spoke with Robbie, warning him that he must take care not to let Eli reawaken; however, Robbie rushed home, discovering that Eli, in his body, had left Gabe alone and hungry on the floor, a trauma that caused Gabe to mentally regress, becoming detached and unfocused.[12] Robbie later fought off Mr. Hyde's gang. When Robbie permanently bonded with Eli's spirit, he told Eli that they would dispose of anyone with an evil soul.[13]

When the Final Host of Dark Celestials invaded the Earth, Ghost Rider was among the group of heroes brought together to defend the planet,[14] having been specifically chosen as an ally for She-Hulk by the Celestial Eson the Searcher.[15] Robbie joined the final battle against the Dark Celestials by using his powers to take over the corpse of a dead Celestial.[16] The Horde that had infected the Dark Celestials and was seeping through the Earth was finally defeated when the Avengers used the Uni-Mind, channeling all of their powers into the Celestial-possessing Ghost Rider. With the Horde laid dormant, the heroes joined forces with the Celestials to defeat the Dark Celestials.[17] The heroes that were brought together by the Final Host subsequently banded together to reform the Avengers, with Ghost Rider giving it a try despite his feelings of inadequacy.[18]

Avengers Vol 8 6 Textless

With the Avengers

Before the arrival of the Final Host, Robbie experienced odd behavior in his powers, with the Hell Charger becoming silent,[15] and also taking him in his sleep to the resting place of the Dark Celestial Zgreb in South Africa before he was awakened. When this happened, Robbie was attacked by the Starbrand, whom he accidentally killed when he subjected him to the Penance Stare, despite not being a Spirit of Vengeance himself.[19] Robbie's powers were further thrown in disarray when the Avengers were confronted by the Legion of the Unliving and they used incantations to corrupt and subvert Robbie[20] until Avengers recruit Blade cleansed him.[21]

Becoming fed up with the Hell Charger's increasing misbehavior, Robbie enlisted the help of his teammates to exorcise the vehicle and free it from the mysterious new spirit possessing it. When the exorcism went wrong, Robbie was sent to Hell,[22] where Johnny Blaze, the recently-crowned King of Hell, challenged Robbie for a race for his power.[23] Robbie was assisted by the Spirits of Vengeance of old and eventually by the Avengers,[24] who managed to reach Robbie in Hell. Robbie won the challenge, but instantly abdicated the throne of Hell back to Blaze. With the Hell Charger freed from the influence of Eli's spirit, Robbie embraced his powers as the Ghost Rider and his place with the Avengers.[25]

Learning of the threat posed by the Multiversal Masters of Evil and the Council of Red, Robbie and a Deathlok sent by Avenger Prime began traveling together through the multiverse to recruit potential allies.[26] The allies that they managed to gather included Ant-Man, Star Panther, several alternate versions of Captain America, the God of Fists, the Carol Corps, and other versions of Iron Man.[27] It was during this time that he discovered he was the All-Rider, a unique Ghost Rider that could "ride" anything.[3]

When the evil forces began their assault on Avenger Prime's base, the God Quarry, Robbie's powers suddenly stopped working.[28] He regained them in midst of the battle,[29] and used them to plug up a hole in the God Quarry, saving the entire Multiverse from being destroyed by the power of the First Firmament. However, in order to do this, he had to enter the First Firmament and seal it from the other side, trapping him there. Nevertheless, he began to rebuild his car and awaited the chance to go home.[30]


Robbie Reyes is a hardworking and caring teenage boy. Though still a teenager, he serves as a guardian and a father figure towards his younger brother, Gabe Reyes. He has no intentions, whatsoever, to become a hero or vigilante. Instead, he simply wants to provide a better and safer lifestyle for his brother.

Most of the time, a lot of people see him as a well-polished individual. Receiving good performances in school and endlessly searching ways to earn money for a better livelihood. However, there are times where he would do risky things and decisions (mostly evident from the pieces of advice given by his Uncle Eli) endangering himself in the process such as attending illegal street races. This is more evident during his time as the Ghost Rider. Some people also secretly find some form of attractiveness to him.


One of Robbie's greatest achievements is his younger brother. Though an incomplete family, they would both do what normal families do on a daily basis. Due to the medical condition Gabe is currently experiencing, he will always give him a helping hand (even at times, violently). This eventually leads him to persevere harder.

On the other hand, he made a pact with his satanic Uncle Eli to feed his evil blood lust. Their spiritual bond grows stronger every time they kill and punish criminals. He also gets furious when his uncle tells him the disgusting truth about his family and has difficulty on agreeing and disagreeing the suggestions he offers. Some of which he would actually do if the situation turns desperate. Robbie has strong willpower to resist that urge on inflicting rage only if his uncle comments of how most people are rubbish.


Power Grid[46]
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In human form, Robbie does not possesses any superhuman powers, but as Ghost Rider, he's the supernatural combination between human host and the evil satanic spirit of his uncle, Eli Morrow. As the Ghost Rider, Robbie possesses a variety of supernatural powers.

Ghost Rider Transformation: Robbie currently possesses the supernatural ability to transform into Ghost Rider at will after an unidentified spirit of vengeance.

  • Superhuman Strength: Ghost Rider possesses strength that exceeds the limits of any normal human. Being strong enough to contend with the likes of Thor & Captain Marvel in a test of physical might.[21]
  • Superhuman Speed: Ghost Rider is capable of moving at speeds that exceed the limits of any normal human.
  • Superhuman Durability: The Ghost Rider is highly resistant to injury and is capable of withstanding great impact forces that would greatly injure or even kill a normal human. His resilience being tough enough to withstand the full Hulk Cho. for a brief time.[31]
  • Self-Sustenance: While in his rider form, Robbie lacks the need of rest, food or respiratory dependence. Being at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean without worry of drowning any more than the crushing depths he was at.[32] Moreover, he is immune to the rigors of traveling through space without any protective gear in his rider state. As he found out while he, Widow and Blade were being chased by the Surfer in a Shi'ar pan-galactic prison.[33]
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Ghost Rider is capable of regenerating from injury faster than a normal human. His recovery being so powerful that he can regrow his damaged arms in seconds after Thor had battered them to pieces and mend a hole blown through his torso By Captain Danvers.[21]
  • Pyrokinesis: Ghost Rider possesses the ability to generate and project flames from his body. Although never stated, it is likely that the fire Robbie generates is Hellfire.
  • Chain Manifestation: While transformed, Robbie can manifest red-hot chains out of his body. These chains are shown to be strong enough to rip a Celestial's arm out of place.[25]
  • Hell Charger Linkage: Robbie's supernatural augmented being, originating from his satanic Uncle Eli, is connected with his car. He can summon his car to do various fire attacks and perform ramming action.
    • Intangibility: To some degree, Ghost Rider can completely phase through his car and other objects or places. He usually does this to scare and attack the enemies he's facing.
    • Underworld Path: The trunk of the charger acts as a portable gateway to hell which Robbie can hurl his enemies through.[34] It can even unfurl a host of writhing tentacle monsters to better encoil enemies in order to drag them into the fiery abyss on his behalf.[35]
    • Healing Symbiosis: When Robbie suffers critical physical or mental injury his Hell Charger can connect its internal wiring to him in order to repair itself and him.[36]
    • Teleportation: Unlike other Ghost Riders, Robbie possesses the ability to teleport various distances.[6] The Hell Charger is linked to his ability to port from one place to another, acting as a hub.
    • Portal Creation: In addition to teleportation, he can also generate hellfire portals.[4]
    • Nether Communication: Robbie's car has demonstrated the ability to communicate with deceased individuals or souls. It can even lead Ghost Rider to the individual's lineage and come in contact with them.[16]
    • Matter Surfing: The charger can just as easily ride atop a body of water as it can an asphalt road and is just as capable a submersible as it is an automobile.[37]
      • Flight: Robbie's Hell Charger can even fly in the vast depths of space where it can keep pace with the likes of the Silver Surfer in a contest of speed.[33]
  • Condemnation: Fueled by the wrath of his Uncle Eli, his main objective is to kill a list of crime lords. Robbie's Ghost Rider can summon a hellish spire that drags down his enemies to Hell.[13]. It is not known if he still possesses this power.
  • Rage Enhancement: Robbie Reyes' Ghost Rider demonstrated the ability to enhance his form by the rage fueling his powers. Through killing and punishing criminal he encounters, he transforms into a more powerful demonic figure.[31] This is firstly evident from the scars carved in his head. It will affect his body physically and, in human form, medically.[38]
  • Vehicle Possession: While transformed, Robbie can give any vehicle he comes into contact with the properties of the Hell-Charger. Notable examples include the armor of a dead Celestial,[16] and a Quinjet.[39] As an All-Rider, Robbie is capable of using anything as a vehicle,[3] including the corpse of Doom the Living Planet.[30]
  • Penance Stare: When possessed with Morrow, Robbie obtained a Penance Stare whose point of origin is unknown although it is possibly an ability similar to the common Penance Stare of the Ghost Riders. With it, he can make a person feel all the pain and suffering he has caused in innocent people.[19] Robbie has also been able to cast the Gaze through vehicles he has possessed.[39]}. After joining a spirit of vengeance he obtained an original penance stare.
    • Penance Bomb: In his more demonic form whilst enthralled to the Legion of the Unliving, Robbie boasted of turning most of Japan into a smoldering crater by exploding in a mass of hellfire. But Blade managed to purge whatever taint the vampires used to control him with before he could unleash it.[21]


  • Expert Driver: Robbie is a highly skilled driver and street racer.
  • Expert Mechanic: Robbie is a highly skilled mechanic.
  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Although he's had no proper training, Robbie is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant.
  • Piloting: Robbie has shown to be a competent helicopter and Quinjet pilot.[40][39]




Hell Chain: Ghost Rider uses a chain with knives at the edges in combat. The nature of the chain is yet unexplored.


Hell Charger: The Hell Charger is a modified 1969 Dodge Charger. It was found in Canelo's workshop. When Robbie was gunned down by Calvin Zabo's mercenaries, the spirit in the car resurrected him. The spirit was later revealed to be the spirit of his estranged uncle Elias Morrow. The car was able to merge with Robbie during times of action. This technique was also used to attack foes leaving him unhurt.


  • According to Nadia Van Dyne, Robbie started going out with Taina Miranda due to their shared interest in car mechanics. However, since this was relayed to her through Taina's sister Alexis, it could be playful teasing of her sister.[42]
  • In his first appearance Robbie had two grayish green eyes, before his right eye turned orange after becoming a Ghost Rider.[6] However, for unexplained reasons his more recent appearances depict him with two brown eyes instead.[16][43][44]
  • According to the Black Skull in Avengers: Forever (Vol. 2) #2 just prior to the events of Avengers Assemble, Robbie was a unique version of himself in the Multiverse as most universes don't have one, those that do he is of little siginficance and that he is the only one to become the Ghost Rider. This statement is seemingly false by the Black Skull as at the time of publication, more than 20 Ghost Rider Robbie's have been seen. Even if we reduce the ones on Battleworld which could be this Robbie, Host Rider has a unique origin and status who was killed. As such, it is presumed that Black Skull was lying to Robbie.


  • "Reyes" is Spanish for "kings."
  • Felipe Smith has stated on Twitter that Robbie's star sign is Gemini, while leaving his exact birthday a mystery.
  • Robbie has a cat named Coal.[45]

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