Roberto joined with Gambit's band of thieves the X-Ternals. Sunspot accompanied the X-Ternals on a mission to storm Apocalypse's space archives. Sunspot held off soldiers brought by Madri Rictor while Magneto and Peter Corbeau found the location of the Shi'ar galaxy and unlocked his teammate Lila Cheney's latent mutant abilities so that they could steal a shard of the M'Kraan Crystal. They succeeded, and Sunspot, along with the X-Ternals and Madri Rictor, were teleported to the Shi'ar galaxy[1].

Appearing on the Shi'ar world, Sunspot and the others were attacked by the Imperial Guard, super-guardians loyal to the mad Emperor D'Ken who sought to control the Crystal himself. The X-Ternals escaped thanks to the alien known as Jonath. However they were found by the Imperial Guard (who had just recruited Rictor). When a crystallization wave hit the planet, Sunspot and the X-Ternals were rescued by the Starjammers[2].

Teleported to the world where the M'Kraan Crystal was kept, Sunspot helped hold off the Shi'ar warriors while Gambit and Lila traveled inside the crystal. During the fight, Sunspot synced up with the Crystal, being able to harness its powers. When Gambit and Lila returned from their mission successful, Sunspot found that he had absorbed too much power from the crystal. With his body about to explode, he urged his friends to escape. Lila teleported her comrades away while Sunspot exploded, vowing that his sacrifice would not be in vain[3].


Solar Radiation Absorption: He could absorb solar energy and could utilize it for physical strength.

Solar Re-channeling: He possessed the ability to re-channel the solar energy which his body absorbed, by which he took the solar energy and used it for a variety of related purposes.

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