Quote1 My girlfriend... I burned her. Quote2
-- Roberto da Costa src

Roberto was sent to the Milbury Hospital after his mutant abilities manifested and burned his girlfriend Juliana accidentally. That trauma develops a fear of accidentally burning others. He would go on to meet Illyana Rasputina, Sam Guthrie, and Rahne Sinclair; fellow mutants with their own dark past. Sometime later they would get another fellow mutant Danielle Moonstar who's powers are unknown. As days pass the children warm up to each other and Eventually, the group come together when Illyana spikes Reyes' coffee with sleeping pills and they run amok on the grounds. They collectively believe that they are being trained to become X-Men , hence the strict supervision, as well as Cecilia Reyes reminding them that they are considered dangerous and should not leave until they are under control. Later, Roberto is swimming with who he believes to be Illyana, until she disappears and the burning manifestation of his girlfriend Juliana appears. Reyes awakens in time and puts a panicking Roberto out in the pool. He demands that they leave and during the confrontation, Reyes puts Illyana in solitary confinement. Eventually the group discovers that Reyes has been lying and that a corporation known as the Essex Corporation plans on using them as mutant killers. However before this can happen the Demon Bear of manifestation of Dani's own powers kills Reyes and proceeds to hunt them. Eventually, Roberto overcomes his fear of burning others and along with Sam aid Illyana in fighting Demon Bear. As the sun rises, the New Mutants collect their belongings. Sam notices that the barrier is no longer around them and they all decide to head into town after Reyes had previously told them that the nearest town was twenty miles out. Not knowing if she was telling the truth, they all decide to head out together as a family; facing the unknown.


Seemingly those of the Roberto da Costa of Earth-10005.


Seemingly those of the Roberto da Costa of Earth-10005.

Strength level

In human form Roberto possesses the normal human strength of a boy of her age, height, and build who engages in intensive regular exercise. In his solar form his strength is heightened to superhuman levels.

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