Quote1 Just wanted to make daddy happy, is all. Make him proud, proud, proud... His little Hobby, all grown up... couldn't make him happy, noooo... so instead... I'll make him gone. HAHAHAHAAA! Quote2
-- Robin Borne src
Robin Borne (Earth-9500) from Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Vol 1 9 001

Before becoming the Hobgoblin

Robin Borne was the daughter of Max Borne, Spider-Man of Earth-9500's 23rd century and leader of the Temporal Oversight Team Eliminating Mistakes (or T.O.T.E.M. for short). She worked as a professor at the Empire State University alongside her boyfriend, Lar Nyven, and was a master of time-travel mechanics, much like her father.

By studying the past two hundred years, Robin found what she believed to be intersection points between parallel universes and started charting the impact they had on her timeline, discovering they were building to something bigger. Worried that meant a bigger universe would swallow her reality whole, Robin built a special suit that allowed time/universe travel to rework the universe if necessary. She subsequently hid the suit in a temporal fold that enabled it to always exist ten seconds into the future.

Based on predictions, Max arrested his daughter for temporal crimes she hadn't committed yet and placed her in a virtual reality prison. Robin was supposed to remain there for the next thirty years until the window of temporal opportunity had closed; however, Lar broke her free in 2211 via a nanovirus that accidentally drove her insane and enhanced her physical ability. After recovering her suit, Robin (now calling herself the Hobgoblin) tried to erase her father from existence with a Retcon Bomb, but ended up hitting Lar instead. Vowing to make sure no one would remember Spider-Man anywhere in the Multiverse, the Hobgoblin began to target every incarnation of the hero she could find throughout space and time,[1][4] making offers before killing them for rejecting her. Her father attempted to stop her numerous times to no avail.[5]

When the Hobgoblin sought to superimpose her reality over that of Earth-616 and Earth-928 by manipulating the native Spider-Men Peter Parker and Miguel O'Hara, Max intervened and derailed her plans.[2][1] She later took the Ben Parker of Earth-6078 with her to Earth-616 and lured Peter Parker into a fight. Her father intervened once more and she tried to eliminate him (and thereby herself) with a Retcon Bomb again, but Peter deflected it back to her. She consequently ceased to exist, with everyone's memories of her soon to follow.[6]


The nanovirus Lar used to release Robin from prison unleashed in her staggering levels of physical ability, augmenting her strength, endurance, agility, and metabolism.[1][4]

Strength level

The Hobgoblin is optimally able to lift 500 lbs.[4]


Goblin Armor: In addition to having finger blasters, the Hobgoblin's protective armor allowed time/universal travel, chronal shunting, and projection of 3D images.[7][4]


Goblin Glider


Biospores: The Hobgoblin's vertical thrust glider emitted a living vapor infested with nanotech biospores capable of infiltrating anything mechanized, allowing her to take control. She used the biospores to make Peter Parker, who was wearing his Iron Spider Armor at the time, hit himself many times before keeping him immobilized for a time.[7][4]

The Hobgoblin also carried Pumpkin Bombs, Retcon Bombs, an energized lasso, and a spherical force field cage.[6][4]

  • The Hobgoblin once claimed she had "melded science with sorcery,"[2] but was never shown to have any mystical prowess.

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