Appearing in "Dreamerama"

Featured Characters:

  • RoboCop (Alex Murphy)

Supporting Characters:

  • Officer Anne Lewis


  • bank robbers (Death)
    • Dom
    • Perry
  • Joe Pizza
  • Prof. Cybex
  • Stanislav Nix (head of Nixco)
  • Darkstone
  • Dek Kyng
  • Cyberdogs
  • cybernetic gorilla (RoboCop's "Kid Brother")

Other Characters:

  • Ronald Toler (Media Break anchor, unnamed)
  • Anita Krake (Media Break anchor, unnamed)
  • Doctor Frung
  • Rick Sonders (Dreamarama manager)
  • Zakkary K. Sprigg
  • Harrison Fodor
  • Mac Kline


  • Detroit
    • Dreamarama
    • Pearson Alley
    • OCP headquarters


  • Hov-Paks


Synopsis for "Dreamerama"

Blackmail, extortion, and murder are just some of the threats faced by corporate bigwigs. Robocop's assignment is to recover the stolen property that has them in a sweat. But when he discovers what it is he's supposed to recover, the consequence could be political dynamite!

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