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Doctor Doom built these robots and assigned them to protect a secondary throne room of his, outside but near the main Castle Doom. Two of these robots witnessed Doom's re-encounter with another of Doom's robot, fugitive Doomsman, whom Doom had summoned to his presence. At that point, Doom was keeping control over Doomsman but, when Doom released this control to test the Doomsman's loyalty, the Doomsman attacked the Robot Guards and quickly destroyed them.[1]

A different Robot Guard was later seen protecting the access to the Latverian Embassy in New York City. This robot looked like a medieval armor, but it opened its chest plate to produce a force gun with rapid-fire burst capabilities. This robot once tried to intercept uninvited Captain America, but the extraordinary Captain dodged the bolts and smashed the robot with his indestructible shield.[2]



Due to their robotic construction they cannot be affected by mind attacks, emotional attacks or illusion aimed to human eyes.


Although they are endurant, they can be smashed to pieces when punched by some people with super-strenght.[1]



The robots can shoot bolts from their fingertips and from the laser cannons they have instead of eyes - They have to raise the helmet's visor before shooting, though.[1] The second model had a force gun hidden behind its chest plate.[2]

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