Humanity had already been using human-controlled robots to perform tasks for years, by the time Wilkes developed Robot X. However, Robot X was designed to be the first "thinking robot," capable of acting on his own without needing the direct control of a human overseer. While Robot X had been designed to be as strong and durable as any robot of the time, it was Robot X's impressive mental abilities that Wilkes demonstrated to the World Governing Council. In the course of the demonstration, Robot X improvised a sonata while playing piano, composed several insightful essays, and developed and documented at least one new mathematical theory.

While the scientific and lay community were both vocal in their support for Robot X and his abilities (as well as the limitless applications of those abilities), the Daily Clarion newspaper remained unwavering in its contempt for the robot. Publisher Charles J. Wentworth frequently, publically denounced the X type robots as a menace, and eventually more and more people were swayed to his side. When a mob stormed Wilkes' home, demanding that he destroy Robot X and never build another, Robot X recognized the danger and fled.

On the run in the woods, Robot X devised a plan. The first step was to construct a simple android from clay, scavenged parts, and (presumably stolen) clothing. This android was instructed to go to the local real estate office and purchase a factory on the edge of town. Using this factory, Robot X and his android constructed another, almost-identical X-type robot. The three of them began assembling yet more (though often increasingly simplified) X-type robots, and so on.

The paranoid humans were not idle all this time, however, and they eventually discovered that a man with "something not quite human" about him had arranged to purchase a factory on the outskirts of town. Investigating, the mob was surprised to find Robot X had erected an invisible force field around the factory. Needless to say, seizing a factory for unknown purposes and sealing it off with a force field did not make the humans any less suspicious, and the military was called in. When no amount of ordinance was able to penetrate the field, the mob instead lashed out at Wilkes. Wilkes insisted that Robot X was not evil -- nay, he had even been constructed to be incapable of evil thoughts -- but was ignored and run out of town.

Meanwhile, Robot X finally dropped the force field only to reveal an army of X-type robots. Marching on the town, the army first encountering human-controlled robots. These were quickly destroyed, as the X-type robots could devise their own strategies without relying on humans calling commands to them. The military then moved in, and managed to destroy many of the robots. However, the X-type robots managed to eventually seize and destroy all of their weapons. Marching on, the army of robots stormed the Daily Clarion buidling, capturing it's staff and revealing them all to be "Martians" in disguise. Robot X explained that the Martians had come to Earth as a fifth column to undermine human progress, playing off their fears and weakness until they were weak, confused, and ripe for conquest. While the Daily Clarion staff was only the vanguard force, Robot X expect more would have followed.

The humans present were apologetic and grateful, but Robot X nonetheless decided humanity would always be suspicious of the stronger, more intelligent robots. He then ordered his "brothers" to self destruct, and shut himself down. After what had happened, Wilkes vowed never to make any more X-type robots, and hoped humanity would have learned better by the time someone else rediscovered how to make sentient machines. [1]

At some point, a de-activated Robot X came to rest in Doc Samson's trophy room. The Technologically-inclined Tina Punnett -- who was staying with Samson at the time -- found Robot X and decided he could be useful around the house once she replaced his ego core. While trying to swap out his old Wilkes Freewill Nucleus for an Asimov Restraint Unit, Tina was interrupted by the bumbling assistance of Jack Holyoak. A revived Robot X then attacked the pair. Doc Samson and The Living Totem rushed to the rescue, and Doc Samson took down the robot with a single punch. Tina later concluded that only Robot X's hydraulics (all "off-the-shelf") had been damaged enough to need replacing. [2]


Robot X is well constructed and composed of strong materials. He thus has strength and endurance well excedeing that of humans. Exactly how strong Robot X is unclear, but he has demonstrated the ability to effortless bend, twist, and tie metals, as well as effortlessly ram through sturdy buildings.


Robot X is fully capable of idependent and creative thought, although at speeds far exceding those of a human brain. He has demonstrated the ability to compose a sonata improvisationally (while playing the piano), write thoughtful essays, develop new mathematical theories, and design other robots.


Robot X travels on his own tread-like base.

  • The "Martians" from the Daily Clarion incident never actually confessed to being from Mars; the humans were the first to label them as such. They do bear some resemblance to Skrulls, but probably aren't as they required the use of masks in their disguises.
  • At one point during the fight in Doc Samson's trophy room, Tina exclaimed, "this thing once destroyed half of Cleveland!" It is not known whether she is referring to the Daily Clarion incident (which occurred in an as-yet unnamed city) or some other, unrecorded episode. Whether Robot X was still inactive when it came into Doc Samson's possession, or whether Doc Samson had previously defeated it is unknown. Whether Robot X developed some genuine hatred for humans in the past or his attitude was a result of Holyoak's mystical bumbling is also unknown.

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  • Amazing Adventures No. 4 (September 1961)
  • Doc Samson No. 2 (April 2006)

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