These super-strong, super-endurant robots were developed and built by Doctor Doom in Latveria. Because of reasons, these robots joined a number of Doom's other robots to stage a rebellion intending to oust Doom and murder humans. Doom's enemy, the alien Faceless One, agreed to lead the rebellion.[1] Four robots (names included Primus, Tertius "Terry" and Quartus) stole secret information from Doom and escaped to New York City, where they hid at Bedford-Stuyvesant impersonating black men. General Mantoff from the Latverian Embassy discreetly hired Afro-american super-powered private detective Luke Cage to find the fugitives. Doom also sent an unconspicuous Electronic Spy to follow Cage. Cage found the fugitives and was so surprised at discovering them to be robots, that the robots managed to escape. Unbeknown to them, the Electronic Spy followed them to their new hideout and reported it to Doom.[2]

Cage went to Doom for explanations, and Doom was delighted to point the fugitives' new shelter. The Electronic Spy followed Cage again to register his absolute victory against the rebels, and reported it to the Embassy. The Embassy was reluctant to pay Cage,[2] so Cage travelled to Latveria to collect. There, he was found by the Faceless One. The alien was not angry at Cage: The robots Cage had confronted were bloodthirsty and would have killed Cage; Cage was simply defending his skin. The Faceless One even attempted to recruit Cage for his cause, but Cage was unwilling to allow anyone to cold-bloodly murder Doom. This allowed Doom to overcome the robot rebellion in one single day.[2]

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