The Robotron was created by Doctor Doom to use as a sentinel. It lacks any emotions and is programmed to watch over prisoners or to shoot on intruders. Robotrons are usually guarding important cameras on Doom's bases all through the world. The Robotrons commonly are instructed to obliterate any intruder.[2]

When Doom was ousted from Latveria by King Zorba, he occupied a secret laboratory in New York City, where two Robotrons provided protection. Doom then started a quest to obtain the Stones of Merlin and forcefully recruited (more like kidnapped) the mutant superhero Dazzler to send her in a dimensional travel to the Dimension of Dreams where she was to get a stone. Doom's Robotrons took unconscious Dazzler and placed her in Doom's Multi-Dimensional Transference Center. Doom then noticed that Dazzler was likely to attempt an escape, so he demonstrated the power of the Robotron's energy blasters by making them destroy a useless item.[3]

Alison Blaire, Robotron, Victor von Doom (Earth-616) from Dazzler Vol 1 4

Dazzler defeats the Robotrons

When Dazzler returned successful from her mission, Doom disregarded her and left the Robotrons watching her. Dazzler tricked the Robotrons by throwing light balls that the robots believed to be some missile weapon. The robots shot their blasters at the spheres and defeated each other. Dazzler then confronted Doom himself.[3]


  • Body armor due to its metallic hull.[1]
  • Robotic construction giving them armor against attacks. They cannot be affected by mental or emotional attacks, neither by illusions aimed only at human eyes, but are susceptible to machinery-affecting attacks.[1]
  • Energy blaster on each hand, powerful enough to break their own body armor.[1][3]

Strength level

Similar to a human athlete.[1]


Limited perception and intelligence; they may be easily tricked.[3]

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