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The android originally named RG-026 was grown from mutant DNA and created by Shelley Godwin for Blackbird Security for the purposes of spying on the Occupy Wall Street Movement, possibly to ensure the interests of National Federal Bank. As such, she was coded to have the personality of a person who would be a part of the movement.[citation needed]

Her strong feelings that the rich were taking from the poor led to her robbing National Federal. But her jetpack shorted out, so she had to be rescued by Spider-Man and Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), both of whom were flying to Boston in Captain Marvel's personal plane. This led to a confrontation between Spider-Man and Captain Marvel and a Blackbird Security agent dressed in an armored suit. They learned of her intentions, which led to Spider-Man likening her to Robin Hood. She took to the name and began referring to herself as Robyn Hood.

As she was about to be arrested, she was shot at by the Blackbird agent, making her grow larger. When more Blackbird agents showed up, Robyn fled. Captain Marvel came up with the idea to blast her with energy, making her grow so big her jetpack would fail. But Spider-Man did the math in his head and realized that the exhaust valve did not grow proportional to the escaping gas, which was slowly filling her jetpack and would eventually explode.

Shelley appeared and tried to help her since she loved her like a daughter, but Robyn knew she was going to blow up soon and they did not have enough time to remove her jetpack. So instead she chose to blow up in midair, protecting the people below from harm.[citation needed]

Later on, Shelley was able to transfer Robyn's mind to her computer.



Exposure to energy blasts causes her to grow in height.



Robyn wears a hi-tech power suit which gives her the ability to fly, fire guns from her wrists and seemingly change her size.


Robyn wears gauntlets with several retractable guns attached to them.


Her jetpack.

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