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20th Century

The Rockefeller Center was invaded by the Sub-Mariner during his rampage of New York City in the summer of 1940. He used the television studio inside the Radio City Music Hall to issue a warning to the Human Torch to cease his pursuit of him. He was later chased out of the location by the Torch. [1] The location was later visited by reporters, including Phil Sheldon who surveyed the damage. [2]

Modern Age

While Peter Parker was having dinner with Mary Jane in the Rainbow Room, high atop the Rockefeller Center, his spider-sense kicked in and he was forced to come out as Spider-Man to investigate.[3]

Deep beneath the labyrinth of arcades under the Rockefeller Center, there existed a hidden, secret complex, where Venom was being kept prisoner by the Overreach Committee.[4]
Above ground, Captain America and Hawkeye fought and defeated Batroc.[5]

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