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Venom Rocket was member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, that, just like him, were bonded to the Venom Symbiote. However, they were all assimilated and he was forced to kill Poison Groot.[1] He then became a bounty hunter, attempting to collect a contract to kill his world's Captain America, when he was suddenly summoned to another reality to join a Resistance of Venoms to fight The Hive, a group of interdimensional Poisons.[2]

Venom Rocket quickly became the tech expert on the team, crafting numerous bombs to aid escapes from Poison attacks,[3] as well as several mines to try and take out Poisons on patrol.[1]

Rocket's best bomb was used to take down the Hive's base on Earth-22249 during the Resistance's assault on the base to rescue their leader, Venomized Doctor Strange. Sadly, Strange perished in the explosion, but he was able to return the surviving Venoms, including Rocket, to their home realities.[4]



Seemingly those of Rocket Raccoon of Earth-616. This universe's Venom Symbiote enabled rocket to bond, store and draw upon his vast arsenal in a sort of subspace within itself.[2]

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