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Quote1 I'll tell you all something I've learned over the years with my friends. You can save the galaxy and take down scores. You can save millions of people by killing a few bad ones. You can do it all -- you just gotta tell yourself, and believe it when you say it -- "I'm the baddest mother @#$&#$% in the whole universe." Quote2
Rocket Raccoon[src]

Rocket Raccoon is a genetically and cybernetically enhanced raccoon[13][3][14] turned freelance mercenary turned member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.[15] He is considered to have one of the best tactical minds in the galaxy.[15] He hails from Halfworld in the Keystone Quadrant where machines were able to turn animals into sentient beings.[16]


This is an abridged version of Rocket Raccoon's history. For a complete history see Rocket Raccoon's Expanded History

Early Life[]

Somewhere in the black holes of Sirius Major there lived a young boy by the name of Rocket Raccoon. Possibly snatched from Earth,[13] he was used by a group of alien humanoids as a therapy animal for the inmates in the Halfworld Asylum for the Criminally Insane.[17] A young raccoon[13][3][14] with no intelligence, Rocket was used as the service animal for a patient named Khevix, a war veteran with a mouth like a sailor and bad dreams. He liked Rocket to sit in his lap while they watched dumb old war movies. He was good to Rocket — the last one to ever be.[18]

Rocket Raccoon Vol 1 1

When the humanoids' funding was cut, they left back to their home planet, but not before building robot stewards to provide for the mentally ill. When a nearby star went nova, ensuing radiation gave sentience to the robots, who quickly chafed at the illogical directives of the humanoids. Seeking to end their servitude, the robots used genetic engineering to give intelligence and awareness to the animals that had been left as companions for the patients.[16] The robots made the animals anthropomorphic to engender a cheerful atmosphere, keeping the most dangerous inmates happy.[17] The robots experimented on Rocket to give him intelligence through painful and traumatic surgery. Rocket's DNA was altered similarly to how the Kree made the Inhumans.[18] This event made Rocket who he was, an open wound he had to hide under sarcasm and snarls. Even during happy times, what was done to him festered inside.[19] After the surgery, his extended limbs and human-like body had to be maintained with a metal exo-skeleton.[20] Rocket and his fellow animals knew it was their duty to look after the least dangerous patients from the surface of the planet, whom they called Loonies, but the animals were initially unaware of their true roles and history.[21] Halfworld's surface was divided into two, half industrialized and manned by robots that created technology for the animals, and half a verdant paradise where Rocket and his fellows lived with the Loonies. Over time the animals created their own society, with the major industry being toymaking for the Loonies' amusements. Rival companies arose, with the saurian Lord Dyvyne's Dyvynities, Inc. challenging Inter-Stel Mechanics, run by the mole Judson Jakes.[21]

When Rocket turned one-year old, he was granted a ranger uniform by his friends Pyko, Lylla, and her uncle Wal Rus, but the bunny Blackjack O'Hare stole the birthday cake so that he, Dyvyne and Jakes could eat it. Retrieving it was Ranger Rocket's first mission.[22] After this, Rocket helped Wal Rus replace his teeth for weaponized, mechanical prosthesis after he broke his original ones.[23]

When Rocket was six years old, he was somehow spotted outside Halfworld, where he met Gamora, the most dangerous woman in the galaxy, and the two of them were captured by Badoons. They were rescued by Jesse Alexander and his Supernovas, and Rocket and Gamora formed a friendship with Jesse.[24]

Over time, Lylla became Rocket's girlfriend and her uncle Wal Rus became Rocket's partner. When Rocket bought a ship for the two of them, Wal Rus wanted to name it Wailing Wal, but Lylla proposed Rakk 'n' Ruin, and Rocket liked the alliteration with his own name. Wal Rus was left playfully resentful about this, refusing to refer to the ship as belonging to the two of them. As they used the ship to travel Halfworld, Rocket became known as the fastest gun in the Quadrant. Once, the Hulk arrived to the planet,[25] but he experienced a "comforting children's tale" version of the world, presumably from being immersed in a virtual reality, perhaps even along with Rocket and his friends. Hulk was promptly sent back to Earth to prevent him from upsetting the status quo.[21]

Contest of Champions[]

Around this time, Rocket was teleported to an arena along with every Earther super-hero when the Grandmaster and Death decided to make a deal wherein each would choose twelve champions from Earth, the fact that Rocket was brought there as well giving weight to the theory that he's from Earth. If the Grandmaster's team won, he would be given the power to restore the life of his deceased brother, the Collector. If he lost, he'd forfeit his life as well. However, Rocket was not picked for either team and was returned to Halfworld.[26]

Soon after, war erupted between Dyvyne and Jakes' companies. Blackjack attempted to usurp power himself, becoming a target for both Dyvyne and Jakes, and forcing him to join forces with Rocket. The Rakk 'n' Ruin was destroyed, but the group ended the conflict when Pyko deciphered the Halfworld Bible, the logbook of the hospice ship Gideon, one of the vessels that founded Halfworld.[27] Armed with the knowledge of their origin and true nature, Rocket and his associates expanded their operations to the entire asylum.[21]

Rocket became security chief, with Blackjack as his number two and Dyvyne as head of psychology. Initially the revised system worked well, and new patients from around the cosmos were safely admitted and treated, but problems arose with the arrival of alpha class psychic Barry Bauman. A villain known as the Star-Thief, his body had been killed by Warlock,[28] but his mind had survived, jumping from one body to the next until it was taken to Halfworld. Bauman withstood all therapy; possessing guards and inmates alike, he caused riots and disruption, the first security breach in 30 years. If he got out he could infect the entire galaxy, and Rocket knew it was only a matter of time, so he turned the bio-organic nature of Halfworld against Bauman. Halfworld became the lock, and Rocket turned the wardens into the key: only their unique cellular patterns could combine to open the lower levels of the asylum. Unless they were all present and willing, Bauman could never escape. To ensure this, Rocket had to leave the planet; it was his duty as security chief. He handed his badge to Blackjack; Judson Jakes became the new number two. As a part of his redesigns before leaving, Rocket suggested making all the security clown drones out of bioreactive dendronic wood from Planet X because it was better suited to Halfworld's eco-security system. Rocket then used immersion therapy to wipe his mind so he would never be tempted to return, only taking half-memories of adventures he had participated in. After Rocket left in a ship, Lylla moved on and married Blackjack O'Hare,[17] although they eventually divorced, something for which Blackjack blamed Rocket.[29] Rocket's mind-wipe process led to regular memory losses that would make him forget his origin or that others like him existed out there.[30][31] In these whimsical memories, the clowns guards that protected Halfworld became killer robots, and Dyvyne and Jakes played the part of mad tyrants who constantly chased riches, power, and kidnapped Lylla. The otter, in turn, became a helpless princess who pleaded for her hero, Rocket, to rescue her, and Blackjack was the criminal leader of the mercenary team called the Black Bunny Brigade.[5] In these memories, Rocket wrongly remembered Jakes and Dyvyne dying and Rocket leaving the planet with every single animal like a quadrupled Noah, looking for adventures and to discover whether there existed normalcy outside of the Keystone Quadrant.[32]

Space Travels[]

Rocket's earliest adventure involved him visiting Earth and defeating the symbiote Mister E alongside Kang The Conqueror, Black Knight, Spider-Man, Ulik, Cosmo, and the Watcher.[33] Spider-Man shouted they would be guardians of the galaxy against the symbiote, and Rocket liked the sound of that. Afterwards, the Watcher erased the memories of everyone involved, including Rocket.[34]

Symbiote Spider-Man King in Black Vol 1 5

After being captured by the Stranger, and imprisoned in his Laboratory World for study,[35] getting petrified in the planet Dandesh Four[36] until rescued by She-Hulk,[37] and an encounter with the Troyjans which resulted in a copy of his hide being mounted on the Troyjan king Armaggedon's wall,[38] Rocket ended up homeless and living off the streets of an unknown planet. There, he met Frankie Fat Hands, an alien who took Rocket under his wing and taught him how to steal, be a lowlife and survive in an uncaring universe.[39]

After this, Rocket became a bounty hunter. One of Rocket's first bounties was Chammy, a low-level loser smuggler who powered his ship with baby powder.[40] During this time, Rocket freebooted regularly with the Starjammers[41]. He did business in Penasco with Macho Gomez before turning him to the authorities.[31] Later, Rocket paid a visit to his old friend She-Hulk at her office in Timely Plaza, Earth.[42] When the Time Variance Authority put She-Hulk on trial for temporal meddling, they briefly pulled Rocket out of time to serve as a witness.[43][21] Back in the present, Rocket was caught on camera by Heather Hudson, who proposed selling a program about him to Mojo.[44] Mojo gained an interest in Rocket that he would pursue years later.[45][46]

Despite everything, Rocket was not able to move past Lylla. In this rebound he met Otta, who had come to the rimworlds looking for adventure. She played the broken heartstrings of Rocket's heart like a Stradivarius, or maybe he played himself, just to hear something again. He followed her willingly into her life of crime, of big scores wherein Rocket used his heightened senses to crack safes. They lived in high-class bars or beach planets for a month, until the cash ran dry, and then went back to the piggy bank for more. Rocket had rules; only hit the bad guys, the fat cats, the creeps. And zero killing. Nobody got hurt, until Rocket and Otta were caught by a lousy Restricted Zone Infraction that got out of hand. True to her nature, Otta blamed Rocket for everything, and he was sent away to a Kree prison.[47]

There, he met his cellmate Groot. Rocket couldn't understand Groot's three-word language, which angered him. Rocket kept his distance and stayed in his side of the cell until he saw some guards bullying Groot for his speech. This brought out the security chief in him; after he scared the guards off, the two prisoners began a friendship and Groot built Rocket a bed of leaves. When the guards came back for revenge, Rocket discovered he could now understand Groot's speech and the two friends took out the guards.[48]

Annihilation: Conquest[]

While Rocket and Groot were in prison, they were recruited by Star-Lord (Peter Quill) for a suicide mission. The universe was under attack, as supervillain Ultron had reached the mechanic species Phalanx, taking control of them and upgrading them. They started spreading throughout the galaxy, infecting everyone with their mechanic virus and taking over their wills. They infected Hala's empire, and built a gigantic tower with which they created a barrier across Kree-space, sealing them off from the other empires.[49] Rocket and Groot joined Peter on a strike commando team that included Bug, Deathcry, Mantis, and Captain Universe. The team was able to stop a Phalanx airborne nanovirus, gaining a pardon.[50] However, they continued fighting until the war was over.[51]

Guardian of the Galaxy[]

Afterwards, Star-Lord decided to create a new team to prevent a future war proactively. Rocket joined Star-Lord alongside Groot, Bug, Gamora, Drax, Phyla-Vell, Adam Warlock, Major Victory, and Jack Flag, calling themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy and residing in Knowhere, guarded by Cosmo, whom Rocket instinctively disliked. The amounts of deaths accumulated from the Phalanx invasion and the older Negative Zone Invasion demanded the multiverse tipped the scales of its ever ongoing war between avatars of Life and Death, so reality began being prodded by a neighboring universe called the Cancerverse where death did not exist. This caused rifts in space/time and erased future timelines. In response, a Council of the Guardians of all Realities from the end of time sent various Guardian members to the past, but this disrupted the normal flow of events, causing Rocket and his fellow Guardians to learn Star-Lord had made Mantis tamper with everyone's minds so that they'd join the team as quickly as possible.[52] In the wake of this, the team disbanded, but Rocket kept it going as team leader until everyone returned and Rocket was able to give Star-Lord his old job back.[53]

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 1

Around this time, Rocket reunited his old friend Wal-Rus and rescued his first princess for money.[54] Rocket enjoyed the experience, and would go on to date dozens of princess through the years, only to rob them of their money.[55]

After a Kree/Shi'ar War opened a Fault big enough to let the Cancerverse through, Warlock revealed he was actually his evil counterpart Magus, fighting for the side of Life. Phyla assumed she was the opposing avatar of Death, but both of them were killed by the true avatars, the Captain Marvel of the Cancerverse, Avatar of Life, and Thanos, Avatar of Death.[56] Despite the strangeness of having Thanos as an ally, Rocket and the surviving Guardians led a charge inside the Cancerverse, where Star-Lord, Nova, Drax and Thanos sacrificed themselves to destroy the universe while Rocket and the rest escaped.[57] The team disbanded after thinking Star-Lord and Drax dead, but Rocket achieved great feats while it lasted, such as succesfully staring down and intimidating Thanos[58], and the Imperial Guard's Gladiator.[59]


Rocket attempted to have a normal life working for Timely Inc. His existential dread was promptly stopped when a series of clues lead him and Groot back to Halfworld, where Rocket learned he had implanted fake memories in his brain and that he had left to prevent Star-Thief from escaping. After defeating the villain once and for all, Rocket was offered to stay in the Asylum as co-chief of security, but seeing his old flame Lylla had married Blackjack, Rocket decided to keep traveling the galaxy and fighting to keep the legacy of the Guardians alive.[60] After this, Rocket and Groot signed a contract with Mojoworld to star in their shows,[61], an arrangement that apparently goes on to this day.[46]

Cosmic Avengers[]

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 1
After Nova used a Cosmic Cube to turn himself into a gateway so Star-Lord, Drax and Thanos could escape the Cancerverse,[62] the Guardians of the Galaxy were reunited once more. Feeling responsible for freeing Thanos, Star-Lord had the Guardians deliver the Eternal to the Elders of the Universe with the help of the Avengers.[63] Iron Man liked his first impression of the Guardians, and joined the team,[64] deciding there should always be an Avenger representative in the lineup.[65]

Star-Lord's father, J'son of Spartax, warned the Guardians a galactic council had declared Earth off-limits, but Star-Lord felt all this did was paint a target on it, so the Guardians new mission statement became to protect and orbit Earth. Through the next few years, they were joined by Avengers such as Angela,[66] Venom,[65] Captain Marvel,[67] Kitty Pryde, and The Thing.[68]

Rocket Raccoon (Earth-616) from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 24 001

Rocket empowered by the Black Vortex

Through these years, Rocket tried to make "Blam! Murdered you" his catchphrase, to no avail,[69] mentored young Nova Sam Alexander,[70] met raccoons from Earth for the first time,[71] the cat Chewie,[72] fellow Halfworlders Lepain[73] and Sale,[74] met fellow animal heroes such as Howard the Duck,[75] Squirrel Girl, Beast,[76] Tippy-Toe, Spider-Ham,[77] Lockjaw,[78] Jeff the Land Shark,[79] and Devil Dinosaur;[80] he met a copycat of him working under the arms trafficker Dannko,[81] yet another one called Pockets Possum,[82] and even his literal clone Shocket Raccoon;[83] Rocket compared guns with The Punisher,[84] met Deadpool,[73][85][77] Pip The Troll,[86] and The Collector,[75] with whom he'd cross paths seven more times;[87][88][89][90][91][92][93] he became friends with the X-Men; Storm flirted with him and asked him on a date,[94] and Rogue became one of the few persons Rocket allowed to call him Rocky;[95]; eventually, Rocket would throw regular parties with the mutant community;[96][97] Rocket also saw what a version of him empowered by the Power Cosmic would look like,[98] and one possessed by Venom's symbiote.[8]

Some moments were bittersweet, such as when Rocket reunited with his mentor Frankie Fat Hands and managed to express how much he loved him, only to realize Frankie was a lowlife and he was better off cutting him off,[39] or when Rocket got the chance to read the Halfworld Bible again, ultimately deciding he was beyond worrying about his past.[74] Some moments were joyous, such as when he helped defeat Thanos on three different occasions,[73][99][100] when the Guardians threw him a surprise birthday party,[101] when all of France cheered for him,[102] and then all of New York,[103] when he visited a planet that showed him what his heart wanted to see, so Rocket saw it full of adorable things like Teddy bears and cartoon dragons,[104] or when he was plugged into a sleeping pod that showed him a reality where his biggest dreams had come true, so Rocket saw a world where he was king and he was worshiped by anthropomorphic animal ladies[105]; a big joyous moment was when Rocket witnessed Star-Lord propose marriage to Kitty.[94]

Other moments were sad, such as when he had to counsel Star-Lord and Kitty after their break-up,[106] when the Kree captured him and experimented on him, giving him flashbacks to his childhood,[107], when psychic ghosts made Rocket's worst fears real in his mind, and he saw himself pulled apart and reassembled for nothing more than a laugh,[92] when Groot was fatally poisoned, and Rocket wept for his pal,[108] when all the Guardians attended the funeral of ex-member Jack Flag,[109] or when he had to face a league of ex girlfriends and Blackjack O'Hare used a raccoon costume to make Rocket think there were others like him out there, all of which caused Rocket to break down.[110] Yet other moments were terrible, such as when Rocket was killed by a stray beam during the incursion of an alternate Earth,[111] being revived thanks to the multiversal reboot,[112] or when he was murdered again by a demon to seduce the Queen of the Underworld,[113] only for the demon to bring him back to life.[114]

Ultimately, although this era of the Guardians led to some of their greatest victories, such as when Star-Lord led them to free an entire prison planet,[115] he refused to answer how he came back from the Cancerverse for too long, which increased tensions slowly over time. When he pulled the team into an Earther conflict they had no interest in, Gamora found out Star-Lord was keeping the secret of Thanos' location from her, and the conflict resulted in Rocket's ship and home getting destroyed, the team decided to disband.[116]

While on Earth, Rocket helped the Human Torch take down Kraven the Hunter, after which Johnny called him a hero. Rocket, however, wasn't ready to accept that title just yet.[117] When reporter Tana'ri Dan'ae of the Intergalactic Network decided to interview Rocket and Groot for their fame. Rocket refused to accept credit for any honor, claiming he did it all for the money.[118]

All-New Guardians[]

After the team managed to leave Earth, they could barely tolerate each other, and decided to split up after one last heist for The Grandmaster that would make them rich. When buying information, Groot was poisoned by another Elder of the Universe called The Gardener. When Rocket thought Groot had died, it was the worst day of his life, but he managed to find a splinter from which Groot could grow back. All of this was watched by Mojo of Mojoworld.[46]

All-New Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 1 1

Before they executed the heist, Rocket visited a bar on Digriz, feeling depressed, when he met Otta, his ex-girlfriend which had landed him in prison and led to him founding the Guardians. He couldn't resist getting roped into another score for her, which predictably ended with Otta double crossing Rocket and shooting him. In a death-like trance, Rocket remembered his past life in Halfworld, and Lylla, and it dawned on him that he had lost his innocence and wasn't his original self any more. After his adventure, a gloomy Rocket returned with the Guardians.[119]

After pulling the Grandmaster's heist, he informed the Guardians that the Infinity Stones were at large, and the group decided to stick together to reunite them for the safety of the universe.[120] The team managed to acquire the Power Stone with the help of Ant-Man, who left the team almost immediately.[121] At the same time, Drax retired, weary of killing,[122] and Gamora became corrupted by the Soul Stone, using it to fold the universe in half and merging the halves together into a new pocket reality called Warp World.[123] After defeating the demon corrupting the Soul Stone, Gamora left the team on a pilgrimage for redemption, and Rocket, Groot and Star-Lord were the only members of the Guardians left.[124]


After attending The Thing's bachelor party,[125] Rocket, Star-Lord, and Groot traveled together until Rocket discovered that the process that created him was reversing, causing him to slowly die. Not wanting his friends see his condition and wanting to die his own way, Rocket left without saying a word.[18] Since his days were counted, Rocket decided to settle his debts and get things back to zero. He visited Earth to return all the stuff he had stolen, but he was roped into a fight against the Olympian Nyx with the Avengers, during which Rocket visited the Nightmare World and relived his childhood surgeries. Regardless, it felt good to cross "Be an Avenger" off his bucket list.[126]

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 5 8

Later, Rocket settled on Halfworld, where he was watched over by Gamora, who intended to bury him after his death.[127] Groot and an alternate-universe Moondragon went to Rocket's house to ask him to help rescue the Guardians from an alternate future version of the Universal Church of Truth. Rocket was in; what had he got to lose? His body was so frail that he had to be hooked to a million cables. Groot confronted Rocket's selfishness, marking that he wouldn't accept anyone's calls or help. Rocket argued that he just didn't want to be remembered like that, but Groot said he didn't belong to just himself; they owed it to each other to keep going, because Rocket wouldn't be there when he died, but the rest would. That was what family meant. Rocket brushed off the corniness, and suited up in a giant battlesuit that doubled as a life-support system.[18]

After defeating the Church, Rocket met the new Guardians, a a clone of Drax and an alternate-reality Phyla-Vell.[128] In the following weeks, Rocket passed through many surgeries to save his life and the Guardians remained by his side until he was fully recovered.[129]

Super Hero of Space[]

Still keeping Rocket company while he recovered on Halfworld, the Guardians were approached by Nova for their assistance in stopping the conquering rampage of the Olympians, but Gamora explained they weren't a suicide unit eager for every mission, but a family, and denied his request. However, that night Rocket and Star-Lord decided to help Nova anyway. Unbeknownst to Groot and the others, Rocket and Star-Lord joined up with Moondragon, Phyla, Nova and new recruit Marvel Boy.[129] Although the mission was successful and the Dark Olympians were exiled to another dimension, Quill seemingly sacrificed himself to detonate the device that made it possible.[130] Blaming Rocket for Peter's death, Gamora struck him and said he was dead to her. Gamora broke off the team with the Guardians that had stayed behind during the Dark Olympians mission.[29]

Guardians of the Galaxy by Al Ewing Vol 1 1 Then It's Us

After the first mission Gamora's Guardians received was that of murdering Rocket, it was revealed Gamora had been psychically pushed by the original Moondragon, who wanted to punish her replacement for being everything she was not. After that, both branches of the team reunited.[131] Afterwards, Rocket and the Guardians attended the wedding of Teddy and Billy Kaplan-Altman.[132] Regardless of the happy occasion, Rocket felt responsible for the loss of Peter and took up heavy drinking. When Groot tried to get him to leave his room, they were suddenly teleported away by Lady Sif.[133] They were summoned to the Fortnite island of Apollo, to help stop Galactus alongside Brite Bomber, Kit, Raven, Jonesy, Lynx, Peely, Captain America, Storm, Wolverine, Doctor Doom, She-Hulk, and Mystique.[134] Once Rocket and Groot came back, they agreed never to speak of it again.[133]

Later, Rocket was called to investigate the murder of Stote, high emperor of the Sn'rx at a galactic diplomatic conference Marvel Boy was attending. After he figured out it was caused by the Profiteer, an Elder of the Universe, everyone in the room was informed the god of Darkness Knull was destroying entire planets.[135] While protecting Spartax, Rocket and Nova found Peter alive and well, returned from the other-dimensional world of Morinus, where he had spent a hundred of years of his life, albeit unaging.[136] Rocket wanted to go help Earth against Knull, but Peter explained they'd endanger anywhere he was near because he stole half the Dark Olympians' power, and they'd be coming back for it.[137]

Following the ultimate defeat of the Dark Olympians, the Guardians of the Galaxy were sanctioned by the Galactic Council as protectors of the cosmos in light of the increasing uncertainty of the galactic landscape, providing them with headquarters in the space station Proscenium. Rocket finally accepted his role as a hero.[138]

Heroes Reborn[]

Around this time, Phil Coulson sold his soul to Mephisto and obtained the Pandemonium Cube, a demonic artifact capable of warping reality. With it, he rewrote the timeline so that the Squadron Supreme of America were the supreme superhero team of Earth instead of the Avengers as the Avengers were never formed.[139] This had a ripple effect, and Rocket's life was modified as well, with Rocket joining the Starjammers instead of the Guardians, becoming the Star Brand and eventually dying. For more information of Rocket's modified biography, see Rocket Raccoon (Earth-21798). Eventually, Earth-616 was restored, and Rocket was never aware he died.[140]

Last Annihilation[]

Among the Guardians of the Galaxy missions as sanctioned super heroes of the galaxy, Rocket helped stop an attack from the Progenitors on Throneworld II. Afterwards, the team was attacked by Doctor Doom,[141] but he was stopped by tricking him into swapping bodies with Rocket. Heeding Doom's words of an upcoming threat, they forced him to join the Guardians. At the same time, Ego The Living Planet turned into a black cocoon.[142] Later, Rocket and the team had a meeting with the new King in Black, Eddie Brock. He alerted them of the upcoming threat of The Maker, who at some point in the future was going to try to replace Earth-616 with his own.[143] Twelve days after Ego's transformation, Rocket surveyed it from the Almond spaceship when it cracked open to reveal Dormammu.[144] He released a horde of Mindless Ones, which destroyed the Almond. Rocket floated in space without oxygen before Nova rescued him.[145] Dormammu attacked Aerie, Skrullos, Hala, Chitauri Prime and Spartax to draw a galaxy-sized summoning circle, potentially to merge reality with his Dark Dimension, or worse. Rocket laid out a dispatchment plan he concocted with Doom, but was dismayed when Nova told him he simply did not trust Rocket with Peter and Gamora on the line.[146] S.W.O.R.D. agreed to work with Rocket's plan, however, and he met up with Cable, who regarded the raccoon with respect as he was a galactic folk hero in the future Cable came from. Rocket sent Cable to steal a planet-sized gun from Breakworld while he engineered a giant bullet out of Mysterium.[147] The bullet ended the threat of Dormammu, and the Guardians later celebrated at Gosnell's.[148]


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 7 8
After Nebula joined the team, she combined the probability engine in her head with the Guardians' threat data to create an early-warning system that pointed to Groot's homeworld as the most likely threat vector to galactic peace. When Groot and Rocket landed on it, they found the planet razed to the ground. The very first Flora Colossus and last survivor, Granopy, infected Groot with one of her branches, turning Groot into an out-of-control monster. During the transformation, a wild branch took Rocket's eye out. As Groot became planet-sized, getting designated "Grootfall", he took out most Guardians members and the Proscenium, and proceeded to launch himself at neighboring planets, annexing everything into his "Grootspace". This was a natural process the Gardener had programmed into the Flora Colossi when he created them, and Groot was merely covering the Branchworlds under his soil until the time he could "bloom" and rekindle the ashes, bringing the planets back to life alongside every being he'd captured. But the Guardians who escaped the initial transformation didn't know this, and blaming themselves for the fallen, the Guardians disbanded.[11] Rocket came to settle on Planet Refuge, where he constructed a robotic replica of Groot and took on a new identity: the Star-Sheriff. In protecting the planet's inhabitants from incoming Grootfall seeds, he used an orbital cannon to kill well over one hundred Groots for over a year. Inevitably, a Grootfall led to the death of his robotic companion and the destruction of Rocket's ship. Rocket reunited with the Guardians,[10] who approached Groot and were absorbed into his Grootspace.[149] There, the Guardians set their differences aside and understood Grootfall's purpose.[11] Renaming themselves the Guardians of Grootspace, Rocket and his fellow Guardians were able to spawn in the physical world in the form of Groot branches, and for months they helped protect Groot as he spread throughout all of the Manifold Space. Despite assurances from the Kree/Skrull Empire that Grootfall would be protected, Queen Victoria of Spartax invaded, and her actions resulted in Drax having to sacrifice himself in order to active the pocket sun necessary to facilitate Groot's bloom. Upon its activation, all the fallen were brought back into physical space again, and Victoria ceased fire. Reunited again, all the Guardians celebrated together.[150][151]


Power Grid[157]
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  • Raccoon Physiology: Rocket possesses the same enhanced abilities attributed to Earth raccoons, including an acute sense of smell and sharp eyesight.[16] A raccoon's brown coat mostly consists of dense underfur which insulates against cold weather.
    • Raccoon Senses: Being a raccoon, many of Rocket's senses are heightened to levels well above human. He’s able to see much better than the average human and is extremely well adapted to near dark conditions. His enhanced sense of smell allows him to detect subtle changes in scents around him, enabling him to detect the approach of others and increasing his ability to operate in darkness. With his broad auditory range, he can perceive tones outside the range of the human ear as well as subtle sounds caused by vibrations on the ground. His hypersensitive paws allow him to identify objects before touching them with vibrissae located above his claws.[16][3]
    • Enhanced Intelligence: Rocket's cerebral cortex was genetically enhanced meaning that unlike other members of his species he has a cognitive and intellectual equivalent or superior ability to the most sensitive species in the galaxy. He can talk and communicate with other species, as well as perform extremely complex tasks. Rocket has an affinity for using and forging galactic artillery, piloting spacecrafts, and quickly devising strategies.
    • Enhanced Strength: Due to his augmentations, Rocket is much stronger than a normal Earth raccoon. He is able to physically overpower people many times his size and carry a weight of artillery weapons that only the average sized humanoid can normally use.[16]
    • Enhanced Durability: Due to cybernetic implants, Rocket can survive damage that would normally be sufficient to kill an animal of his size, and injure a normal sized human.[16] He withstood getting thrown by Starhawk,[citation needed] and being shot with energy blasts fired by powerful beings such as an Ultron-possessed Adam Warlock.[152]
    • Enhanced Agility: Rocket's entire skeletal structure is cybernetic, allowing him to move more like a human and still be as agile as a raccoon. He can avoid rapid gunfire and escape various prisons.
    • Enhanced Reflexes: Rocket is able to quickly respond to high intensity situations, such as piloting ships.
    • Claws: Rocket possesses sharp claws that he can use in close quarters combat.[153]


  • Expert Marksman: Rocket is well-versed in the use of high-powered firearms, from all over the galaxy.[16]
  • Skilled Combatant: Rocket is a fair combatant as well as armed proficient fighter.[16]
  • Accomplished Tactician and Strategist: He is an instinctive tactical genius, though relatively inexperienced in that field. However, Star-Lord once told him, "you got the best tactical mind I ever met."[15] He able to formulate battle strategies with his brilliant tactical sense and allows him to alter many strategies to fit the changing need of the situation.[16]
  • Pilot: Rocket is an accomplished starship pilot.[16]
  • Demolitions Expert: One of the Skills that Rocket was considered to bring to the Guardians of the Galaxy team, was his demolition expertise which he displayed in the building of powerful explosive devices.[15]
A lesser but notable, if not unique ability is his capacity to understand Groot's manner of speech - whereas anyone else simply hears "I am Groot," Rocket is able to translate it into English. The source of this abillity is unknown.



Rocket-powered jet boots.


At least one laser pistols as well as other assorted heavy weapons.[16]



  • Rocket once attempted to make "Blam! I murdered you!" his catchphrase.[66]
  • Star-Lord once told Rocket: "You got the best tactical mind I ever met."[15]
  • Nova (Richard Rider) considered Rocket one of the smartest and funniest persons he'd met, calling him brave and sharp and saying humans could learn from him.[154]
  • Rocket is named after The Beatles song' "Rocky Raccoon" (which incidentally is also his nickname). The title of his canon debut in Incredible Hulk #271 is even a parody of the song's opening lyrics.
  • When the alien Mother Entropy scanned Rocket Raccoon's mind, she found that apart from Groot, Rocket possesses honest affection for one other fellow Guardian, but their identity remains a mystery.[155]
  • As seen in Rocket Raccoon (Vol. 3) #3-4, Rocket wears tighty whities.

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