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Quote1.png I worked every dark corner of the cosmos and ain't met a living thing yet I couldn't bring down with a bullet. Quote2.png


Rocket's history is presumably similar to his Earth-616 counterpart's. He became a member of the pirate crew, the Starjammers and was noted to have angered many of his clients.

One day, the Starjammers were approached by Nova Corpsman Johnny Storm who wanted to commandeer their ship to move some sort of object. The Starjammers refused to cooperate, and a fight broke out between the two parties. The fight was halted when the Shi'ar Imperial Fleet revealed that Storm was a fugitive wanted by the Shi'ar Empire and threatened to destroy the Starjammers for harboring him. The Starjammers were able to escape thanks to a space route provided by Storm. Then it was revealed that Storm was aiding Majestrix-in-exile Lilandra Neramani flee from her brother Emperor D'ken who planned to use the Phoenix Force to retake her throne.[2]

Rocket and Groot eventually left the Starjammers and went on their own. One day, they found a human baby who possessed the Star Brand. Groot brought her aboard their ship the Mothership Guardian while Rocket opposed it. Rocket eventually relented, and he and Groot raised Brandy. One day, several alien races and the Watcher hired Rocket and Groot to kill Doctor Spectrum, a superhuman who had been brutally imposing the United States' will upon them and others. Rocket and Groot agreed and ambushed Spectrum after he delivered Thanos to Knowhere.

Rocket attacked Spectrum with small replicas of Groot and Chr'yllite maggots, but Spectrum escaped, killed the Groot replicas, and knocked Rocket around some asteroids. Rocket radioed to his ship for help but unexpectedly was given the power of the Star Brand from Brandy, though he didn't want it. He eventually accepted it and engaged Spectrum with various weapons constructs. However, Spectrum had with him Many-Angled Ones imprisoned in his Power Prism and used them to subdue Rocket. Spectrum then tortured Rocket by plunging him into a supernova to learn who hired him. Rocket didn't cooperate at first, but he eventually revealed his clients when Spectrum threatened to destroy his ship. Rocket eventually died, and the Star Brand returned to Brandy.[1]



  • Seemingly those of the Rocket Raccoon of Earth-616.
  • Rocket was also provided the Star Brand. He demonstrated the following powers:
    • Self Sustenance
    • Flight
    • Energy Constructs
    • Energy Projection and Manipulation
    • Superhuman Durability


Seemingly those of the Rocket Raccoon of Earth-616.



Seemingly those of the Rocket Raccoon of Earth-616 as well as the Star Brand.


The Mothership Guardian, a space cycle; formerly the Starjammer

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