Quote1.png Sorry to disappoint you. But there is no bounty. I'm the one who offered it, and I was just going to kill whoever brought Chammy to me. Sue me. I'm frugal. Quote2.png
-- Reeve

Appearing in "Part II of the Bad Southern Pun Trilogy: Gone with the Gwen'd"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Alien Invaders (Cameo)
  • Reeve

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Synopsis for "Part II of the Bad Southern Pun Trilogy: Gone with the Gwen'd"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis


• We don’t mean to be carpet-braggers, but you’ll have to (Ulysses S.) grant that these are the best issues of the entire event!

• When Rocket, Groot, and Gwenpool all go after the same bounty in Georgia, the results are antebellum-believable!

• Get-tysburg as many copies as you can!


  • In Gwenpool Strikes Back #4, Gwenpool uses her powers to pull her past self from this issue into her own time (along with herself from several other points in time) to help defeat Hulk. By that point, Gwen is embarrassed by her trigger-happy behavior in this issue, calling her past self a "woke idiot" and "Harley-Gwen," and saying she's embarrassing the other Gwens.

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