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Shatterax was a Kree techno-warrior, first of a new breed of cyborg soldiers. He battled Iron Man of the Avengers during the Kree-Shi'ar War.[4]


He was later added to the Kree Starforce.[5] After handing the captured Avengers to Ronan the Accuser,[6] he arrived at a Shi'ar ship and broke Captain Atlas out of imprisonment.[7]

Then the Starforce attacked Lilandra's ship, they engaged in battle against the Imperial Guard, with Shatterax fighting Hardball. Shatterax was able to gain the upperhand, however, Captain Marvel intervened helping Hardball and causing Shatterax's system to overload,[8] allowing the Shi'ar to capture him along with the rest.[9]

Imperial Guard

Following the detonation of the Nega-Bomb and the destruction of most of the Kree Empire, Shatterax, along with the rest of the Starforce, joined the Imperial Guard.[10] Under Shi'ar order Shatterax, alongside the Underground Legion, battled the threat of Tantalus and his Peacekeepers.[11]

Annihilation: Conquest

Shatterax was assimilated by the Phalanx during their attack on the Kree Empire and he was made a Phalanx Select. He was a member of the assault team that failed to capture Adam Warlock on the Kree Outerworld, Terma.[2]


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