Rococo was a military soldier chosen to be a part of the S.C.A.R.s program developed by General Sam Ryan, Dr. Young Soo Pock, and J. Jonah Jameson. Unfortunately, the cybernetic upgrades seemed to cause mental instability. Ballistique and Rocky began taking mercenary jobs on the side to allow them to kill more. Finally, S.C.A.R.s was disbanded.[1] Ballistique and Rococo were both mind-wiped and given civilian lives.[2][3]

Rocky became Nurse Cocoa, working in a local hospital in Omaha, Nebraska. After Ballistique regained her memories, she attacked Rocky with a flamethrower. The flames burned off her skin and clothes, revealed a onyx-like second skin underneath. At this moment, Rococo remembered her former life and embraced Noelle, and the two set to New York City to kill Mayor J. Jonah Jameson.[3]

Ballistique and Rocky quickly located their former associate Sylvius, who gladly rejoined the team, assisted in the attempted assassinations of Dr. Young Soo Pock[1] and Mayor Jameson.[4] S.C.A.R.s was foiled in both attempts by the interventions of X-Factor Investigations and Black Cat.[5] Sylvius and Rocky were able to escape in a helicopter, but Ballistique was attacked psychically by Monet and left in a permanent coma.[1]

Rocky withstanding an attack from a flamethrower

Powers and Abilities


Rococo was a human soldier enhanced with cybernetics with an updated Super-Soldier program, and her displayed the following powers:

  • Metallic Granite Body: Rococo has skin consisting of a metallic granite or onyx material making her impervious to attacks with fire[3] or electricity.[6] Her skin also prevents her from feeling pain.[3] It is possible, though not confirmed, that her skin prevents her from experiencing any touch sensation.
  • Regenerative Healing and Retarded Aging: Like all the members of S.C.A.R.s, Rocky heals quickly from any wound. Additionally, her aging process has been nearly halted, keeping her physically young and health for decades.


Her cybernetics cause mental instability.[1]

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