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Captain Elliot

The man known as Captain Elliot was a Nazi spy that was active during World War II. By spring of 1942 he had managed to get himself in a position within military intelligence and get stationed at Camp Lehigh. This was a cover for his alter ego, the Yellow Claw, who gained notoriety for his series of robberies, sabotage, and murders of defense officials.

One night that May, the Yellow Claw and his minions attacked an officer and stole his plans, prompting Captain America and Bucky to give them chase, however the Yellow Claw and his minions managed to escape. That night while posing in his assume identity of Captain Elliot, the Yellow Claw attended the formal dance at Camp Lehigh, using the opportunity to romance FBI agent Betty Ross, earning the jealousy of Private Steve Rogers (aka Captain America). While he was doing so, his minions were delivering flowers that gave off a poison aroma that could kill in seconds after inhaling.

Making the connection the following day, Captain America and Bucky then followed some of Yellow Claw's minions back to his hideout. A fight broke out, and Yellow Claw managed to escape thanks to Bucky taking a near lethal whiff of his deadly flowers. With the soldiers ball coming up that evening, Yellow Claw ordered his men to hand out poisoned flowers to all the soldiers attending, and then attended said ball in his guise of Captain Elliot. When Captain America attempted to stop the distribution of flowers, Elliot got in the way and attempted to distribute them. Cap took a swing at him, and Elliot angrily attempted to shoot Captain America. The shot would have hit Cap in the back had Betty Ross not messed up the shot. Elliot explain the attempt on Cap's life was because he had lost his cool for a moment. Sneaking away, Elliot changed into the Yellow Claw and then kidnapped Betty Ross to silence her after the also made a connection with the flowers.

Captain America and Bucky then tracked the Yellow Claw back to his hideout once more, interrupting his interrogation of Betty. During the fight, one of Captain America's punches knocked the Yellow Claw into a pile of his own flowers. Breathing in their smell killed him instantly. Captain America then found his spy papers among his effects while his gang was being rounded up.


It would appear that as the Yellow Claw, Elliot wore gloves with clawed finger nails that resembled life like hands.


Yellow Claw employed flowers that had a killer aroma. Smelling them for a few moments was lethal, only those with a high resistance to poisons could survive. It is unknown if these plants were genetically engineered to be poisonous or if the poison was artificially added to the flower.

No known connection with The Yellow Claw(Plan Chu) or Yellow Claw (Japanese).

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