Hobgoblin is an assassin. He was hired to kill many of the people who had a connection to Spider-Girl, including Normie Osborn, Spider-Girl and Peter Parker among others. After a fight against both Spider-Girl and her father, he came close to victory, but at the end his only success lay in killing the Venom symbiote, and also in escaping without a trace. He attempted a complex plot to become the new kingpin of crime, but was undone due to an act of treachery by his partner, the Mindworm. Killing the Mindworm, and deciding the New York underworld had become too "hot" for him at the moment, he chose to return to the Caribbean, but vowed someday to come back and finish off Spider-Girl.


Seemingly those of Roderick Kingsley of Earth-616.


Goblin Glider, strength enhancing suit


Demonic Glider similar to the Green Goblin's


Rockets and pumpkin bombs.

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