Rodney Stack, by his own account was once a vital and strong man who worked in a uranium mine that had an adverse effect on his health. Eventually he ended up working as an assistant for Stephen Edward Shields the CEO of the Pacific Energy and Utility Corporation. The company operated the Diablo Nuclear Reactor. Seeking revenge against the people he felt responsible for his terminal illness, Stack developed the costumed identity of the Negator and began committing acts of terrorism and threatened to cause the Diablo reactor to melt down turning Los Angeles into a radioactive crater.

Rodney Stack (Earth-616) unmasked Marvel Two-In-One Vol 1 88


Afraid that the Negator might follow through on his threat, Shield sought the aid of the Fantastic Four's Thing, assigning Stack to accompany him on his investigation unaware that Stack was actually the Negator. As the Negator, Stack attempted to use a bomb to blow up the Diablo reactor but he was stopped by the Thing and She-Hulk and turned over to the authorities. [1]

Stack's subsequent fate is unknown.

  • Enemy of the Thing & She-Hulk

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