Rodney Weigand was one of the inhabitants of Earth-148611 who gained paranormal powers after the phenomenon known as the White Event, in his case the ability to create psychoplasmic "tanglewire." At some point, Weigand admitted himself into the Clinic for Paranormal Research and was assigned to Therapy Group B. [citation needed]

Therapy Group B had a rivalry with the patients of Therapy Group C, and Weigand and his friend Freefall were particularly hostile. When the Clinic was short-staffed and patients had to take on jobs there to make up the shortfall, Weigand and Benway became security guards. They used their positions to hassle those they didn't like, particularly minorities, and sexually harassed Charlotte Beck. The pair's racism soon led to them targeting members of the African-Americans only group the Black Powers, and they murdered two of them - Blindspot and Chill, and tried to kill a third, Squirm. Things came to a head when a riot broke out between the patients, and Tangler was blasted by another of the Black Powers, Bazooka. It is unknown if he survived.[citation needed]


Tangler gained the paranormal power to create psychoplasmic "tanglewire" with great tensile strength. He often used it to restrain or choke others. He could cause this tanglewire to fade with a thought, or allow it to fade with time.

Strength level

Normal human strength

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