Rodstvow (whose codename translates as 'Kinship, the People's Hero) was a Russian sculptor mutated by the White Event. The initial manifestation of his power destroyed his eyes and part of his hand (which were effectively replaced by energy taking the shape of the destroyed parts; thus, Rodstvow could still 'see' and grasp things) and also caused him to accidentally kill his wife and daughter, driving him insane. [citation needed]

Incredibly powerful, Rodstvow was drafted into the team of paranormals known as 'Red Sun' housed at at the Siberian Project, but his incredible power terrified his superiors. He was sent to America to attack the members of Psi-Force, including the defector Anastasia Inyushin but ended up destroying the runaways hostel Sanctuary House instead, though his actions did leave Psi-Force member Tyrone Jessup in critical condition. He later fought the paranormal named Justice and in a subsequent conflict with Psi-Force, Rodstvow engaged the Psi-Hawk in combat over Washington DC and apparently destroyed him. Rodstvow's powers were gradually consuming his body every time he used them, however (something Rodstvow seemed to be actively encouraging, as though he wished to divest himself of his humanity) with his superiors having to encase the energy replacing his destroyed body parts in molded plastic to simulate a human form, and this last massive expenditure of energy left him as basically a skeleton surrounded by energy in a fiberglass shell. Finally, Rodstvow went completely mad and began indiscriminately attacking everyone at the Siberian Project and Psi-Force, Justice, the covert group known as the Medusa Web and Rodstvow's own former comrades were forced to unite to destroy him, using the autistic, pyrokinetic child named Johnny Do to ignite the air between Rodstvow's bones and his energy form so that his own power consumed him. Psi-Force member Wayne Tucker scanned Rodstvow's mind when his fiberglass shell was destroyed shortly before this, and found nothing: he theorized that Rodstvow was in fact dead as soon as his body shell was destroyed, but that the energy creature had not immediately realized this. [citation needed]


Flight, teleportation, energy projection, molecular combustion, possibly many others. Rodstvow was potentially one of the most powerful paranormals on Earth.

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