When the Husband was driving his wife to the hospital to give birth to their first born, they got caught on Highway 18 during a fight between Wolverine and The Hulk. Their car was destroyed by Wolverine while he was trying to stop a rampaging Hulk. The Husband tried to carry his wife to the hospital but she and the baby died on the way. He always blamed Wolverine, even though the news said he saved the day. For the next year or so he would stand out side of the X-men mansion cursing Wolverine's name then he would get drunk. On occasion he would find a bum, force him to dress-up in a Wolverine costume and beat him with a bat, killing him. Then one night he was approached by a demon who explained that if The husband would join the Red Right Hand the demon would help him get his revenge. This is how the Red Right Hand made the deal with the devil to possess Wolverines body, and send his soul to Hell. When Wolverine was just outside the door to their meeting room The Husband wanted to leave and attack Wolverine on his own, but before he could Gunhawk killed him under orders of The Founder.


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