Quote1 What the hell are we even going to school for if not for this? Quote2
-- Box src

Son of the famous Rogers Bochs, scientist and engineer, Roger Jr. suffers from the same congenital condition that robbed his father of his legs at birth.[1]

As a student at the Braddock Academy, Roger operates in an exoskeleton-style construct based on his father's original design but modified to increase his speed and strength ten-fold. He attended a meeting of which includes other schools for a Contest of Champions between the students from every Institute. However, the Contest was interrupted when Thanos' forces descended upon Earth.[2]


  • Genius Engineering: Box inherited much of his father's intelligence and talent for science and engineering.[1] He can also pilot or navigate.[3][4]


Box does not have legs below his knees because he suffers from the same congenital condition as his father.[1]


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