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Roger Sharmine

Roger Sharmine was an electrical engineer who by 1946 had founded the Sharmine Electrical Society to help bring advancements to electrical sciences. He developed a "Green-Out" generator, a device that created a thick green luminescent fog that blinded those who were caught in it, and a means to see through it. Adopting the name Amkenon he formed a gang that dressed and used ancient Egyptian symbolism as a means of confusing the public as to the nature of his Green-Out device. He revealed his true identity to at least one other member a man named Mongrel. Activating the device remotely from his hideout Amkenon and his men committed several lucrative and daring robberies, attracting the attention of the Sub-Mariner when they robbed cruise ship. When Namor tried to stop them he was blinded by their the Green-Out and was knocked out. However as Amkenon and his men fled, a crate fell on one of his minions and they left him for dead. This eventually proved to be Amkenon's undoing, as this man also knew his true identity and provided part of Sharmine's last name before dying. When Namor learned of the Sharmine Electrical Society, he paid them a visit.

There he confronted Roger Sharmine and found that his pocket watch had the same dragon emblem that Amkenon's gang wore on their armor. Roger then made up a story, telling him that his "brother" Arnold, a practitioner of mysticism obtained the "Green-Out" device, really a mystical artifact, after rescuing the daughter of an Egyptian priest and then began using it for crime. Roger was then had his men stage a "kidnapping" using the Green-Out to escape. Back in his uniform, Amkenon was about to murder Mongrel for letting his identity slip when Namor, having tracked the gang down, smashed into their base.

Once more blinded by the Green-Out, Namor and Mongrel were knocked out and left in the basement of the hideout to be blown up by a time-bomb while Amkenon and his men committed their next crime. Namor and Mongrel managed to escape the hideout before the bomb went off. The explosion uncovered the secret bunker where the electrical generator that created the Green-Out was hidden. Namor destroyed it, causing the Green-Out effect to fade away and Amkenon and his gang were quickly arrested. Arriving on the scene, Namor unmasked Amkenon revealing him to be Roger Sharmine, who confessed that the story about his "brother" was false, before he was turned over to the authorities.[1]

Sharmine's subsequent fate is unknown.


Sharmine was a brilliant electrical engineer.


Sharmine developed an electrical generator that could create a "Green-Out" effect. The device remotely created a thick green cloud of luminescent fog around a given area that made it impossible for the human eye to see through. However, one caught in a Green-Out could see sudden bursts of light, such as the muzzle flare of a gun barrel.

Sharmine and his men also wore specially made contact lenses that allowed them to see while in the Green-Out mists.


When operating as Amkenon, Sharmine carried conventional firearms.

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