First Generation

George M. Barnes + Winifred Barnes née Hubbard
Bucky Barnes
Rebecca Barnes-Proctor

Joseph Rogers + Sarah Rogers
Steve Rogers
unnamed son

Second Generation

Steven Rogers + Sharon Carter
unborn child
Ian Zola (adopted)

Rebecca Barnes + _ Proctor
unnamed daughter
unnamed son

Third Generation

_ Proctor + unknown
Scott Proctor
Kimberly Proctor

Alternate Reality Ancestor

Stephen Rogers + unknown (four generations later)
General America

White Skull + unknown (four generations later)
Unnamed Descendants

Alternate Reality First Generation

Earth-9602 Heroes Reborn-Earth-616
George Madison Barnes + Unknown + Winifred Barnes
American Girl
Brooklyn Barnes
Richard Barnes

Earth-9997 Earth-1610
Joseph Rogers + Sarah Rogers + Sarah Alicia Rogers
Matthew Rogers
Steven Rogers
Douglas Rogers
Steve Rogers

Alternate Reality Second Generation

Earth-1610 Earth-3490 Earth-8342 Earth-9811 Earth-10071 Earth-10943 Earth-22795 Earth-36310 Earth-58163 Earth-85826 Earth-523002 Earth-555326 Earth-TRN012 Unidentified reality
(President Stark won Civil War)[1]
Steven Rogers + Gail Richards + Natasha Stark + Sharon Carter + Rogue + Natalia Romanova + Natalia Romanova + Wanda Maximoff + Sharon Carter + Margaret Carter + Sharon Carter + Jessica Jones + Natalia Romanova + Margaret Carter + Susan Storm
Red Skull Steven Rogers, Jr.
Nicholas Rogers
Sarah Rogers James Rogers James Rogers unnamed twins unnamed children Ellie Rogers James Rogers Sharon Rogers N/A

Earth-1610 Earth-3488 Unidentified reality
(Avengers lose galactic war)[2]
James Buchanan Barnes + Gail Richards + Gail Richards + Unknown + Natasha Barnes
four unnamed children
unnamed children Crossbones (Nicholas Barnes) N/A

Heroes Reborn-Earth-616
Richard Barnes + Peggy Carter
Unnamed Son

Alternate Reality Third Generation

Heroes Reborn-Earth-616 Earth-616
Richard Barnes and Peggy Carter's son + unknown + unknown
Rikki Barnes
John Barnes
John Barnes

Carter-Barnes Children + unknown
7 unnamed grandchildren

Alternate Reality Generations Later

Steven Rogers + unknown
(generations later)
Steve Rogers V


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