Part of the "Marvel Legacy" and "ResurrXion" events
Part of the "Ring of Fire" story arc

Rogue & Gambit Vol 1 1
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Rogue & Gambit Vol 1 1 Avengers VariantAvengers Variant
Rogue & Gambit Vol 1 1 Blank Wraparound VariantBlank Wraparound Variant

Rogue & Gambit Vol 1 1 Evely VariantEvely Variant
Rogue & Gambit Vol 1 1 Fried Pie Exclusive VariantFried Pie Exclusive Variant
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Rogue & Gambit Vol 1 1 Skroce VariantSkroce Variant
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Quote1 Look around. This is literal paradise... how can things not get better in a place like this? Can we not enjoy it just a little bit? It's maybe not the best and easiest mission we've ever been on, but it definitely could be worse. Quote2
-- Gambit

Appearing in "Ring of Fire: Part One"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Lavish (First appearance) (Unnamed) (Shadow only) (Only in flashback) (Memory golem of Charmaine)

Other Characters:

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "Ring of Fire: Part One"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Solicit Synopsis

Ring of Fire Part 1 Everybody’s favorite X-couple is reunited! And boy, are they not happy about that… Kitty Pryde must send Rogue and Gambit on an undercover mission to find a group of kidnapped mutants. What they discover on this mission will shock them. But will it also bring them closer together…? It’s a high-stakes adventure caper that only the two hottest X-Men can deliver!

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