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This character is supposed to be either Frenzy[1] or Rogue[2]


After President Cooper, Magneto and Quicksilver were killed by the Friends of Humanity, the X-Men attended to their fellow mutants' funerals, where it was revealed that Magneto had named Charles Xavier as successor to led Genosha.[3]

Both Genoshans and X-Men accepted that designation, and the X-Men became Xavier's bodyguards, as the Vice-President Carl Denti called for a new summit and the Friends of Humanity declared further violence to come.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of her mainstream counterpart: Joanna Cargill (Earth-616)#Powers.


This character is supposed to be either Rogue by Marvunapp/The Appendix[2] or Frenzy by the Marvel Database wikia editors.[1] The identification here isn't easy:

  • The white comb/streak could be a sign that it is Rogue, as it is her main physical distinction.
  • However, the hairstyle and the skin tone are far more closer to Frenzy.

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