Rogue is a member of the of X-Men under the leadership of Magneto. A while ago, she absorbed the memories and powers of Colossus, leaving him in a coma; it is unknown who's mind is in control, but she does wear Ms. Marvel's costume, and is haunted by memories of both the two heroes.[1] After a recent trip to the Shi'ar Homeworld with the rest of the X-Men, Rogue had returned, and she along with the rest of the X-Men helped Havok to fight the Goblin Queen.[2]

Rogue and the rest of the X-Men were involved in the fall of the Goblin Queen, but she was apparently killed by the newly reinstated S.H.I.E.L.D..[3] In reality, she and the other X-Men were saved by their ally, Apocalypse, and taken to his Antarctic base.[4]

Rogue was later killed in battle against the Goblin Queen while in possession of body of the Beyonder.[5]


Rogue possesses her original mutant power to absorb the life force, memories, powers etc. of other people through skin to skin contact, as well as the powers that she originally stole from Ms. Marvel. In addition, she also permanently possesses Colossus' powers.

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