Rogue, like her 616 counterpart, lacked control of her absorbing talents, making her feel like an outcast amongst outcasts. She is approached by Magnus, a demon without physical form who allows her to feel again. In the hopes of helping him regain physical form, she goes to meet Amanda Sefton, a witch, in the hopes that she can help.

Sefton used her magic to allow Rogue to touch, but also set about sealing Magnus within Colossus' metal body with the intention of killing him. However, Magnus proves more than a match, killing Sefton almost instantly before turning on the X-Men. With Sefton's death, Rogue's powers begin to return. As the X-Men are being defeated around her, Rogue is forced to absorb Jean Grey's powers in order to defeat Magnus once more. Realising that taking Jean's powers has permanently changed her, Rogue flees from the scene.

When the Atlantians wage war against Stark Island, the X-Men, Rogue included, join the battle. While she is not seen amongst her comrades battling the Hydra forces, she is later seen being taken out by Namor. With the Hulk arriving on the scene, Rogue is once again seen in the fray with numerous other heroes, attempting to halt the titan's advance.

She was not seen again after that.


Seemingly those of Rogue (Anna Marie) (Earth-616), although she also absorbs the powers of Jean Grey which, because of their magical connection, permanently alters Rogue's powers, giving her at least the abilities of Pyrokinesis and Flight.

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