Rogue (Anna Marie) (Earth-BWXP) from X-Tinction Agenda Vol 1 2 001.png
Real Name
Anna Marie(surname unknown)
Current Alias

Mystique (Raven Darkholme) (foster mother);

Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) (foster brother)
Base of Operations
Living Status
Marital Status
Adventurer; former terrorist
Unusual Features
white streak in her hair
Creators and Appearances


Rogue was among her fellow X-Men teammates who were playing a game of baseball when Genosha's Press Gang attacked them in order to kidnap their healer Triage.[1]

During the battle, Rogue called in Nightcrawler so he could teleport Kitty to safety after she got hurt. She then started to throw down with Bulletproof when she noticed the Press Gang's Quinjet about to open fire on them.

Rogue grabbed Wolverine and did a fast ball special launching him in the air straight towards the plane destroying it and killing Magistrate Anderson in the process. Rogue was then possessed by Karma who used her as a tool to battle the others so that the Press Gang could escape back to Genosha.[2]

Rogue doing the fastball special with Wolverine

Back in Hammer Bay, Rogue absorbed Triage's healing abilities so the both of them could help with the mutant plague, but they were interrupted when Phoenix and a group of X-Men showed up to rescue their teammates.

Glad to see that reinforcements arrived, Karma once again possessed Rogue so she could help halt the X-Men while the mutates began the curing process. Rogue was forced to attack Rockslide and many others during the conflict.[3]

After the revelation that Cameron Hodge was brought back to life, Rogue helped Havok by giving him, Bombshell and Wolfsbane a lift to the Blackbird so they could fly it straight into Hodge as Bombshell and Havok used their abilities to create a huge explosion killing Hodge once more. Rogue was last seen with everyone as they mourned the death of their comrades.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Anna Marie and those of the Carol Danvers of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Anna Marie and those of the Carol Danvers of Earth-616.

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