The life of this reality's version of Rogue was likely very similar to her mainstream counterpart's. She was a member of the X-Men, wore her iconic costume, and possessed both her original mutant abilities and the powers that she permanently absorbed from Ms. Marvel. She also participated in the Secret Wars, and battled both Anti-Mutant Hysteria and the Sentinels. She was among the few know survivors of the final battle with the Sentinels and the Master Mold.


This reality's version of Rogue possessed her original and uncontrollable mutant absorption abilities, as well as the powers she permanently absorbed from Ms. Marvel. The Siege Perilous was not mentioned during this What If? So Rogue presumably possesses the psyche of Ms. Marvel as well.


Presumably those of Carol Danvers in addition to her own.

Strength level

Class 50.


Absorption power is involuntary




Flight under her own power, Presumably X-Men Blackbird

This version of Rogue appeared in her iconic costume

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