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When Rogue was thirteen years old,[3] she put her boyfriend Cody in a coma when her absorption powers manifested during their first kiss. After her father disowned her for being a mutant, Rogue ran away from home. She was taken in by Raven Darkhölme, the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Rogue became a member of the Brotherhood, and was trained in the use of her powers by her new adopted mother.

During a mission, Rogue permanently absorbed the powers of superheroine Ms. Marvel. However, she inadvertently absorbed Ms. Marvel's psyche as well, which struggled to gain control of Rogue's body. Distraught, she left the Brotherhood, and was contacted by Professor Xavier of the X-Men. Xavier helped Rogue by repressing her memories of absorbing Ms. Marvel, in order to quiet the Ms. Marvel persona. Rogue would then join Xavier's X-Men.[4]

Rogue spoke in a sassy Southern accent and generally had an attitude of good-humored irreverence. Despite this, she harbored deep, usually hidden feelings of isolation.


While at a shopping mall with fellow X-Men Storm and Gambit, Rogue encountered the young mutant Jubilee, who was being hunted by a Sentinel. Rogue and the other X-Men managed to save Jubilee and took her in. The X-Men discovered that the Mutant Control Agency was leaking information on registered mutants to the Sentinels. They stormed the agency's compound, destroying its database, but losing two of their members; Beast, who was captured, and Morph, who was seemingly killed.[3] Rogue and the other X-Men eventually learned the location of the Sentinels' headquarters, which they succeeded in destroying.[5]

The Cure

When Rogue learned of a potential cure for mutants being developed by Gottfried Adler, she travelled to Muir Island to learn more. Her inability to touch other people caused her to consider taking the cure, but when Adler, who had in fact been murdered and replaced by Mystique, was kidnapped by Pyro and Avalanche, Rogue used her powers to save Jean, who fell off a cliff during a scramble. This prompted her to rethink taking the cure, as she realized the potential good she could use her powers for.[6]

After Apocalypse attacked the World Peace Conference in Paris, and together with his Four Horsemen, recruited from mutants who had sought the cure, Xavier sent Rogue back to Muir Island to investigate Adler's connection to Apocalypse. Rogue confronted Adler, who revealed himself as the shape-shifting mutant Mystique, also known as Raven Darkhölme, Rogue's adopted mother. She exposed Apocalypse's plans, but fled. The X-Men assaulted Apocalypse's base beneath Stonehenge, and Rogue used her powers to save Archangel, who had been enslaved by Apocalypse, undoing Apocalypse's conditioning by draining it from Archangel.[7]

Return of Ms. Marvel

When Professor Xavier mysteriously disappeared, the mental conditioning he had performed on Rogue's mind gradually began to come undone. Rogue once again began to experience flashes of Ms. Marvel's persona, which attempted to assert control over her body. Mystique seized the opportunity to attempt to win back Rogue. She lured her to the hospital where Ms. Marvel's comatose body was kept, and convinced Rogue to touch her and regain the memories Xavier had repressed. Now remembering what she had done, and struggling to control Mystique's shapeshifting powers, Rogue lost control of her body to Ms. Marvel.

Jean Grey aided Rogue by allowing her to face Ms. Marvel within her own mind, and helped her trap Ms. Marvel's psyche, once again gaining control of her own body. Now in control again, she bitterly rejected Mystique, accusing her of never loving her and only being interested in her powers. She left Mystique on a rooftop, and flew off with the X-Men.

Struggling with guilt over what she had done to Ms. Marvel, she visited her in the hospital. After she briefly touched her, Ms. Marvel's body began to stir, suggesting she might one day awaken.[4]

Gambit flirted with her often, and though she felt equally attracted to him, her fear of harming him with her powers caused her to push him away. This did not stop her from taking his last name during a mission to help Samuel Guthrie, calling herself Ms. LeBeau.[citation needed]



Seemingly those of the Anna Marie of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Anna Marie of Earth-616.



Gloves to prevent her from accidentally taking someone's powers and abilities.





  • In her green and yellow costume with a leather jacket, Rogue is virtually interchangeable with her early 1990s comic incarnation.
  • Rogue was shown to be in her mid twenties during the series.[citation needed]

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