Rogue and Gambit used to date until Gambit betrayed the X-Men by stealing info from Cerebro and handing it over to Mister Sinister. When Gambit returned to propose to Rogue, she turned him down and told him to leave. As Gambit left, Rogue decided to follow him. She followed Gambit into an underground city and saw him steal a tithe box. Gambit threw explosive playing cards at the ceiling to gave it pin Rogue down so he could escape. Rogue managed to catch up to Gambit and found him at Mister Sinister's hideout. Gambit explained that in exchange for the tithe box, Sinister gave him a serum that would allow Rogue to touch people without absorbing their life force. Rogue believed that Sinister tricked Gambit and tried to prove it by drinking the serum and kissing Gambit. She accidentally killed Gambit when she absorbed too much of his life force and now had his powers as well. Rogue then confronted Mister Sinister who was using the tithe boxes Gambit stole for him into the shape of a pentagram. Rogue killed Sinister and looked inside one of the boxes, which contained various Marvel Comics.[1]


This version of Rogue possesses the original mutant powers of mainstream counterpart, as well as powers permanently absorbed from Ms. Marvel and Gambit.

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