The history of Rogue of Earth-9997 presumably mirrors closely to that of her Earth-616 counterpart.

In recent history on Earth-9997, the X-Men had disbanded due to the mutation of the entire human race due to the release of the Terrigen Mist into Earth's atmosphere, and the death of Professor X through the psychic birth of the Skull. Rogue's ultimate fate is that she is deceased, however there are contradicting accounts of her apparent demise.

According to X-51, when checking the Watcher's records of human history of Rogue's lover Gambit stated that Gambit was "Dead. Killed by the same kiss that took Rogue's life.

However, sometime later when Beast was reflecting back at the fates of various members of the X-Men, he would recount that Gambit was killed by an assassin. Rogue, grief stricken, would travel to the Savage Land seeking out Sauron, beleiving their similar powers would cancel each other out and cure her of her mutant abilitiy. This plan was said to have backfired and Rogue was killed as a result.

The true fate of Rogue remains unrevealed, however one may presume that following her death, her soul resides in the Realm of the Dead, however she did not get involved in Mar-Vell's war against Death.


Seemingly those of Rogue of Earth-616.

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