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At some point after being captured, Rogue escaped from the Collector's clutches along with Gambit and went to the ends of Battlerealm to prevent him from ever finding them again.[1]


Rogue was one of the many mutants throughout Battlerealm to be affected by the ISO-Terrigen Mist, which made her forget her early years with the X-Men.[1]

After having her mind restored, Rogue joined the X-Men to help them in their quest of saving mutantkind from the ISO-Terrigen Mist.

When the X-Men led by the Magneto decided to kill Jean Grey for fearing she would lose control of her newfound powers, Rogue opposed them as she knew how it was to lose control of her powers, and was subsequently defeated.[2]


Seemingly those of her Prime Marvel Universe counterpart.


Seemingly those of her Prime Marvel Universe counterpart.

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